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Lelit | Anna 2 PL41TEM

$995.00 CAD

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About Lelit

LELIT espresso machines are manufactured in the Milan region of Italy, using the same technologies and components as professional machines. Each machine has been designed to deliver the optimum temperature and pressure for exceptional espressos.

When you choose a LELIT machine, you're choosing a machine imagined, created and produced for true espresso lovers.


Lelit coffee machines and grinders are guaranteed for 1 year.


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We deliver anywhere in Canada within 24 to 72 hours.

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You can only return the machine if it is still in its packaging and has not been used. The return is at your expense.

If the machine is defective upon receipt or breaks down during the warranty period, please contact us at (514) 354-1472.

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- 57mm filter holder
- Single filter
- Double filter
- Blind filter

Anna is THE espresso machine for preparing espressi and cappuccini with the ease of a true barista.

Unlike the Anna 1, the Anna 2 has exact PID boiler temperature control (which the Anna 1 doesn't have), and 2 thermostats (3 for the Anna 1).

Your first real espresso machine

Anna is a range of espresso machines for beginners looking for a real semi-professional machine.

Small in size and professional in build quality, it offers a choice of top-of-the-range accessories, such as a micro-foam steam nozzle for preparing delicious cappuccini.

This makes Anna the perfect companion for your daily espressi, dinners with friends, and coffee breaks in small offices.

PID temperature indicator

Many coffee aficionados install a PID indicator to control the brewing temperature precisely.

The standard PID indicator ensures the brewing temperature stability essential for the best espressi.

It also gives them the ideal brewing temperature, and the possibility of adapting it to the coffee beans used.

Professional manufacturing quality

The great advantage of these machines is their build quality. The main components - coffee group, boiler and filter - are made of brass, ensuring excellent thermal stability.

Thermal stability is essential for perfect espresso extraction, and for making the milk velvety and creamy in lattes and cappuccini.

The boiler's performance has been considerably improved before combining it with a professional steam nozzle, so that espressi, lattes and cappuccini become your routine at home.

A reliable taste indicator

Perfect extraction depends on the balance between pressure strength, water brewing temperature, grind settings and blend quality (in terms of freshness and variety).

The pressure gauge designed for LELIT machines tells you whether the pressure is optimal. Too little pressure indicates under-extraction (insipid flavor), too much pressure indicates over-extraction (flavor too bitter, too acidic).

Have fun adjusting the 4Ms (in Italian: Macchina, Macinatura, Miscela, Mano - Machine, Grind, Blend and Pressure) like a real barista!

Built to last

Brass boilers and a stainless steel structure, as well as a clean, uncluttered design, make our machines easy to repair and guarantee long life.

The benefits of a good grinder

If the taste of your coffee is your main concern, then your machine needs to be paired with a quality grinder. Ground coffee loses its aroma very quickly. If your espresso machine doesn't have a grinder, you'll be forced to use pre-ground coffee, which is inevitably spoiled. That's why you can't make good espresso at home without a quality coffee grinder.


- Professional multi-directional micro-foam steamnozzle for preparing unctuous cappuccini
- Accurate boiler temperature control by PID: Yes
- External manometer allows extraction parameters to be viewed in real time
- Thermostats: x 2
- High-efficiency 15-bar pump
- Stainless steel appliance, including cup warmer on top of machine.
- Brassboiler 250 ml - 8.5 oz, to maintain constant water temperature and facilitate coffee extraction
- Stainless steel mobile water tray grid for easy cleaning
- Brass brewing unit: Yes
- Lever switches: Yes
- 57 mm brass filter holder. For use with ground coffee or pods
- Anti-drip system with three-way valve, to prevent overflow from the main group after coffee extraction and allow several extractions in a row
- Expansion valve for greater safety
- ULC approved
- Model: PL41TEM/110


Ready in 3 minutes : Yes
- Water tank capacity: 2.7 liters - 90 oz
- Voltage: 120V
- Power: 1155 W
- Weight: 7.2 Kg - 16 lbs
- Warranty 1 year


Width : 23cm - 9 1/6 inches
- Height : 34cm - 13.5 inches
- Depth : 26.5cm - 10.5 inches


Designed for excellence

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Italian quality

LELIT espresso machines are manufactured in the Milan region of Italy, using the same technologies and components as professional machines. Each machine has been designed to give the optimum temperature and pressure for exceptional espressi.
When you choose a LELIT machine, you have in your home a machine imagined, created and produced for true espresso lovers.
All LELIT machines are the result of Italian creativity and technology. LELIT is committed to producing equipment with great attention to quality and detail. This is the motto of "Made in Italy" and what makes these products world-renowned.


Espresso culture around the world originated in Italy, where it became an art form.
With LELIT machines, you can make your own espresso, cappucino or americano like a real barista, whenever you want.
In 2017, LELIT launched one of its most iconic products: the LELIT Bianca PL162T. The water flow control paddle, the walnut wood accents, the competitive price and last but not least, its impressive performance. It quickly distinguished itself as the most beloved. A machine designed for experts who know how to get good coffee and want to have full control over their extraction.

Creativity & Technology

LELIT espresso machines are designed and manufactured in Italy using components and technologies from professional bar machines.
Materials, finishes and the user interface have been chosen and developed with the utmost care. They offer excellent consistency between the user's actions and the machine's reactions.
LELIT's R&D department works with designers to create machines that are as beautiful as they are ergonomic, giving an experience that is both satisfying and rewarding.
LELIT redefines performance through quality, reliability and innovation. All you need is your passion!

Richard's reaction to the purchase of his Grace

"This coffee machine is perfection in the Italian tradition. As well as looking great and taking up very little space, it does its job well. The water is at the right temperature and the crema is present every time. The milk is frothy and as hot as you like. I recommend buying it. Do business with Ma Caféine and you won't regret it."

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