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Bianca is an uncompromising espresso machine created for the most demanding baristas!

Repositionable tank
Bianca's tank is held inside a "backpack" external to the body to avoid the possible heating of the water.

It can be repositioned on one of the three side parts of the machine to best fit the available space.

Moreover, it can be easily removed for cleaning.

Measures the true extraction pressure
The pressure gauge mounted directly on the E61 group allows you to measure the actual pressure applied to the coffee pellet, for an even more precise and accurate control of the extraction.

Wooden handle(paddle)
By turning the handle, the flow of water on the coffee pad is varied in real time until the maximum pressure is reached.
In this way it is possible to manually modulate the extraction to obtain the best result in the cup with any type of coffee or blend.

Stainless steel body and parts (water drawer)
The body and the water drawer of Bianca are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, the king of materials, for an infinite duration, an aesthetic aspect and an easy cleaning

Steam and hot water nozzles with cool touch technologyThe
new Lelit steam and hot water nozzles, with their new ergonomic geometry, are all Cool touch.

This helps to avoid possible burns, to clean the nozzles with ease and to prevent scale formation.

Adjustable feetThe
feet of the Bianca machine are made of wood, the same material used for the other details of the machine, and are adjustable in height - thus ensuring optimal stability of the machine on all surfaces and, in case of connection to the hydraulic system, adjustment of the inclination of the machine to easily empty the water

Energy savingBianca
is manufactured with a sophisticated energy saving system.

It allows to program a time of stand by after which the steam boiler is deactivated and the coffee boiler is maintained at a temperature of 70°C, with an efficiency of the cup heater at 80%.

This guarantees a machine restoration time of about 10 minutes and a significant saving in energy consumption.

Technical parametersA
high-performance machine like Bianca must be able to adapt to the various working conditions and extraction requirements of each barista.

To this end, Bianca is equipped with a technical sub-menu that allows you to customize the parameters, such as the temperature of the thermal block.

Standard equipment

  • filter holder complete with 1 and 2 cup filter
  • bottomless filter holder with 18/20 gr. filter
  • blind filter,
  • resin filter cartridge 70 lt,
  • Lelit steel press with aluminium handle,
  • small brush for cleaning the group,
  • microfiber cloth,
  • optional tip for the steam nozzle,
  • accessories for the connection to the water system,
  • espresso cup holder,
  • measuring spoon.
Technical specifications
  • 800 ml steel coffee boiler
  • 1,5 lt steel steam boiler
  • E61 group with manual control of the extraction pressure
  • professional taps with spring closing
  • stainless steel switch with backlight
  • pre-infusion parameters programmable through Lelit Control Center
  • high resolution graphic LCD display
  • 58 mm diameter filter holder with inclined handle in hazel wood
  • possibility of connection to the water system and direct discharge
  • possibility to deactivate the steam boiler
  • anti-scald steam arm
  • stand-by programmable
  • partial and total dose counters
  • possibility of positioning the tank on one of the three side parts of the machine
  • height adapted for high cups and support for espresso cups

Some figures

Tank capacity 2,5 L
Voltage 120V 60Hz
Power 1360 W
Weight 26,5 kg
Width 29 cm
Height 40 cm high
Depth 48,5 cm (19.5")

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