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Automatic espresso machines

Drawing on our many years of experience, we have been able, over time, to select the most efficient brands of automatic espresso machines to satisfy the most demanding coffee lovers.

Jura, Saeco and Philips are among the best manufacturers of automatic coffee machines. Recognized both in Canada and internationally, these brands offer you resolutely high-end, innovative and practical products.

Take the time to discover our selection of automatic espresso machines. Here are some criteria that will help you choose your model:

- Your needs. Are you a big coffee consumer? Do you like multiple types of coffee preparation? Is this for personal use or is this a purchase to improve the work environment? All these questions and many more arise before choosing an automatic coffee machine. A clear definition of your needs will allow you to choose the machine of your dreams with peace of mind.

- Your budget. Buying an automatic espresso machine represents a certain budget. However, there are some models that are more affordable than others. Quite logically, the higher the price of the machine, the more options and very practical functions it will have. Not all of them are essential, but they can make your daily life easier or bring you very pleasant benefits.

- The design. Automatic espresso machines are increasingly beautiful objects. These are integrating better and better into interiors and sometimes even serve as decorative objects. However, automatic coffee machines do not suit every interior. This may seem anecdotal but a machine matching the decoration that surrounds it can bring undeniable charm.

Whatever your needs and expectations regarding your automatic coffee machine, our experts will be able to guide you. View our products or make an appointment for a free virtual presentation.