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collection Nos produits nettoyants et détartrants pour cafetière

Our cleaning and descaling products for coffee makers

Discover our wide range of cleaning and descaling products for coffee makers. We also offer various accessories for the maintenance of your equipment.

Beyond simply maintaining the cleanliness of your appliances, coffee maker cleaners products are useful in ensuring the longevity of your appliances.

Indeed, many elements of your coffee machine are subject to constraints that could affect its proper functioning. Scale, mold and stains can appear during use and can harm your coffee machine. In addition, certain problems such as yeast or mold, which very often appear due to a lack of cleaning, can alter the taste of your coffee!

According to a study, more than 50% of coffee makers contain mold and other microscopic fungi. Worse, nearly 10% of these poorly cleaned coffee makers harbored coliform bacteria…

Often used as a “miracle” product to clean and/or descale your coffee maker, vinegar should now be banned from your coffee machine cleaning rituals since it attacks and damages the new materials used inside the machines.

This is the reason why the best-known brands such as Bellucci, Caffitaly or Jura have developed ranges of descaling products and other cleaners specially adapted for their coffee makers. From water filters to descaling products, including milk cleaner and even detergent tablets, discover our wide choice of products to clean your coffee maker.

We also offer accessories such as filter holders or brushes.