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Our Avanti, Bellucci, Jura, Lelit, Saeco coffee machines and much more!

Among our different types of equipment that we offer: kettles, espresso machines, manual infusions, piston machines, grinders, etc. Also discover all our promotions on our coffee machines.

High quality coffee machines

Automatic espresso machines have become a must-have for coffee lovers. Brands such as Bellucci, Jura, Saeco, Lelit and Avanti offer high quality coffee machines to meet the needs of demanding consumers. The espresso machine is a powerful and versatile device, equipped with numerous features to offer you exceptional coffee.

Italian coffee makers, manual and automatic espresso machines

Several Italian coffee makers are at your disposal, offering a wide range of options to satisfy all tastes and preferences. Traditional models, like the mocha, allow you to prepare rich, flavorful coffee using a tried and trusted brewing method. Whether you prefer a strong espresso, a smooth cappuccino or a delicate latte macchiato, these automatic machines and these manual machines guarantees you optimal results with each use. Additionally, they are designed to be both aesthetic and functional, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Choosing an Italian coffee maker means opting for incomparable tradition and know-how in the art of preparing coffee.

Filter coffee machines and manual brews

Piston machines are an elegant alternative to espresso machines for filter coffee lovers. Espresso machines are perfect for making authentic coffee at home, while hand brews are coffee brewing methods that allow coffee lovers to explore and master the nuances of their favorite drink. Among the popular techniques, we find Chemex, V60, the AeroPress and the French Press. These methods require careful attention to coffee grind, water temperature and brewing time. Their main advantage is the possibility of customizing each step of the process to obtain coffee with unique aromas and flavors. Hand brews are ideal for those looking for a more artisanal experience and want to discover the subtleties of different grains and terroirs.

Discover our coffee guides

Our team of professionals have written articles to help you make the right choice when it comes to coffee.

Here are 5 practical guides for your purchase:

The conclusion of our coffee machines

At Ma Caféine, we offer a wide selection of coffee machines, kettles, espresso machines, manual brewers, piston machines and grinders, all carefully selected for their quality and their performance. Whether you're a coffee or tea lover, we have everything you need to make the perfect drink in the comfort of your home.