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collection Broyeurs à Café (Moulins à Café)

Our coffee grinders

Rediscover the taste of fresh coffee with our range of coffee grinders. Each device, whether automatic and with touch screen or fully manual, provides an unparalleled coffee experience. Get the perfect grind for a brew that will transform your mornings.

A superior quality range

Manual coffee grinders

Combining practicality and refined style, they are ideal for all coffee lovers. Made with ceramic or stainless steel grinders, they provide a uniform grind for a perfect brew . Here are their key assets:

  • Sustainable design for an authentic coffee experience
  • Ease of cleaning and use
  • Easy adjustment grind choice

Automatic coffee grinders

Our electric coffee grinders represent the pinnacle of coffee technology. Equipped with ceramic or steel burrs and precise settings, they offer a perfect grind for all types of hot and cold drinks coffee.

These devices offer ann intelligent grinding process with touch screen and integrated scale (depending on model) . They also offer a varied choice of grind sizes for your filter coffee, espresso or other, and une grinding power adapted for a personalized result.

Why choose our coffee grinders?

Opting for our grinders and coffee machines means embracing a rich and personalized coffee experience. Our devices, combining grinding power and intuitive operating mode, ensure a uniform result for each cup. Choose fresh, quality ground coffee now!