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Anna is THE espresso machine to prepare espressi and cappuccini easily like a real barista

Unlike the Anna 1, the Anna 2 has a precise control of the boiler temperature by PID (which the Anna 1 does not have), and 2 thermostats (3 for the Anna 1).

Your first real espresso machine

Anna is a range of espresso machines for those who are just starting out and are looking for a real semi-professional machine.

Small in size and professionally made, it offers a choice of high-end accessories, such as a micro steam frother for making delicious cappuccini.

This makes Anna the perfect companion for your daily espressi, dinners with friends, and coffee breaks in small offices.

PID temperature indicator

Many enthusiasts install a PID indicator to accurately control the brewing temperature.

The standard PID indicator provides the stable brewing temperature essential for the best espressi.

It also provides them with the ideal brewing temperature and the ability to adjust it to the coffee beans used.

Professional manufacturing quality

The great advantage of these machines is their quality of manufacture. The main components - coffee group, boiler and filter - are made of brass, ensuring excellent thermal stability.

Thermal stability is essential for perfect espresso extraction, and for making the milk smooth and creamy in lattes and cappuccini.

The performance of the boiler has been considerably improved before combining it with a professional steam nozzle, so that espressi, lattes and cappuccini become your routine at home

A reliable taste indicator

Perfect extraction depends on the balance between pressure strength, water brewing temperature, grind settings and blend quality (in terms of freshness and variety).

The pressure gauge designed for LELIT machines tells you if the pressure is optimal. Too little pressure indicates under-extraction (tasteless flavor), too much pressure indicates over-extraction (too bitter, too acidic flavor).

Have fun adjusting the 4Ms (in Italian: Macchina, Macinatura, Miscela, Mano - Machine, Grind, Mix and Pressure) like a real barista!

Built to last

Brass boilers and a stainless steel structure, along with a clean and sleek design, make our machines easy to repair and guarantee a very long life.

The benefits of a good grinder

If coffee taste is your main concern, then your machine should be paired with a quality grinder. Be aware that ground coffee loses its aroma quickly. If your espresso machine does not have a grinder, then you will be forced to use pre-ground coffee, which is inevitably spoiled. That's why you can't make good espresso at home without a quality coffee grinder.


Steam nozzle Professional multi-directional micro-foam steam nozzle for preparing creamy cappuccini
Precise control of the boiler temperature by PID Yes
External pressure gauge Allows to see the extraction parameters in real time
Thermostats x2
High efficiency pump 15 bars

Design and materials

Stainless steel machine Stainless steel machine, including the cup warmer on top of the machine.
Brass boiler Brass boiler of 250 ml - 8.5 oz, to keep the water temperature constant and facilitate the extraction of coffee
Water collection tray grid Stainless steel mobile grill for easy cleaning
Brass brewing unit Yes
Lever switches Yes
Filter holder 57 mm brass filter holder. For use with ground coffee or pods
Anti-drip system Anti-drip system with a three-way valve to avoid overflow of the main group after coffee extraction and to allow several extractions in a row
Expansion valve For a better safety

A few figures

Ready in 3 minutes Yes
Water tank capacity 2.7 L - 90 oz
Voltage 120V
Power 1155 W
Weight 7,2 Kg - 16 Lbs
Width 23cm - 9 1/6 inches
Height 34cm - 13.5 inches
Depth 26.5cm - 10.5 inches
Control ULC

Model: PL41TEM/110

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