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collection Machines à Café Manuelles

Manual Coffee Machines

Having a manual coffee machine means becoming an explorer of aromas and an extractor of happiness on a daily basis. You will develop your little ritual, and you will love it! And it is undoubtedly the favorite machine of baristas.

With these machines, you can control everything: the grind, the temperature, the quantity of water, or even the milk foam. They are also generally more affordable than most automatic machines. To help you choose your model, there are two types of filter holder, an important factor to take into account depending on your experience with these machines: the pressurized filter holder and the regular filter holder.

Pressurized is ideal for less experienced amateur baristas, since it creates greater pressure, allowing excellent espresso to be extracted, even if the grind and dosage are not optimal. The regular filter holder is more suitable for high-end machines such as Lelit, machines which exert better pressure during extraction. If you are familiar with the different settings, a regular filter holder might be enough.

The presence of a steam nozzle is also an important point to take into account if you want to be able to froth your milk yourself and thus obtain a good cappuccino.
The pump , the coffee group, the tank, the maintenance, the size or even the cup warmer, several criteria must be studied to find the machine that will suit you best.