Coffee store in Boucherville

Our shop is in the colors of the people who make it up. Bright, refreshing, lit, energetic, alive, cultured, open and curious. Collaborators, friends, customers, thank you for being part of this great adventure!

Pour vous rendre : 1370 Rue de Coulomb #101, Boucherville, Quebec J4B 7J4

Heures d'ouverture :
Lundi au vendredi : 9h00 - 17h00
Saturday: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Le Panier Bleu
Ma Zone Québec

A shop full of senses!

Ma Caféine, c’est un endroit de découverte et de partage sans prétention autour de l’univers des boissons chaudes et froides à base de café, thé et yerba mate. Notre devise ‘’à chacun sa dose’’ se veut inclusive et en respect avec les goûts propres à chacun. Nous nous entourons de partenaires de marque dont la mission est en harmonie avec notre raison d’être. À travers ceux-ci vous goûterez à leur histoire, leur savoir faire et leur passion, une gorgée à la fois.

A culture to share

Modern-day caravanners, bearers of good news, we want to enhance your daily ritual with new flavors and comfort. Rich in meaning and discovery, our goal is to make your mug inspiring to energize your day and enrich your conversations.

To each his own dose

Inspired by the energy that inhabits places of exchange such as markets and cafes, we have created a space where to offer the products that we find and, above all, to engage in conversations always with the aim of discovering the right product by link with the specific tastes of each person.

Building a community
We are constantly looking for collaborators who, like us, want to share their products, their knowledge and their culture. Interested in building a community, encouraging initiatives from here and elsewhere for your greatest pleasure.

Sharing our knowledge
With a view to sharing knowledge, you will find a large collection of books in store that you can borrow for free to improve your knowledge. You can also register for one of our many thematic workshops given in small groups by specialists eager to share their know-how.

Make accessible
You can take advantage of our services in 3 ways. You can either come visit us in store, take advantage of the free delivery service for orders of $65 or more, or simply use our drive-thru service, which allows you to receive your order one hour after placing it.