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Our themed gift boxes

Ma Caféine gift boxes

Give pleasure on any occasion.


A great gift idea that can be personalized for your loved ones, your employees, your clients! Discover our beautiful Quebec products.

- Encouraging local businesses has never been so easy!

Coffee, tea, chocolate ? A birth, a party, a retirement or simply as a gesture of appreciation for your employees or clients, our themed gift boxes are created to underline the appreciation of someone important to you.

The BBQ Party Box

Encourage local!

Ma Caféine works with great Quebec businesses to offer you great local products. And we know that encouraging the purchase of local products and products from Quebec companies, and therefore investing in our economy and our local businesses, has many positive effects! And one of the most important is the ecological impact, because if you buy local, you bring positive changes in terms of transportation for example (less distance traveled). But it is also supporting the local workforce, and therefore having a positive social and economic impact.

Can we customize the boxes?

Of course you can! And it's even recommended :) You can personalize the boxes by adding items from your company/organization, a personalized note or a sticker on the box saying "do not open until... ".
To date, we have been able to add a bingo game, personalized mugs with the name of the company, glasses and all sorts of crazy gifts!

Several companies have already trusted us, be the next one! Whether it's an order of 50 boxes or 900 boxes, we listen to your needs and ensure a fast and efficient service.

How do you get a box quote for your business/organization?

The process is quick and easy, and you get your quote just as quickly.

  1. Choose the box model that best suits your needs.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire
  3. We will send you a quotation corresponding to your needs.


  • Easy to order
  • Delivery in 24 to 48 hours Quebec and Ontario
  • Possibility to add a note


  • Free quote
  • Quick and easy process
  • Delivery to the employee's home possible

They trusted us

Our most popular theme boxes!

Here are the most popular boxes for companies:

Our Teleworking Boxes

La Boîte Télétravail - La Mini

The Mini
$ 35

The Total Telework Box

The Total
$ 95

Our Quebec Discovery Boxes

The Quebec Drinks Discovery Box

Quebec Drinks Discovery Boxes


Quebec's Micro-Torrefactor Discovery Box

Discovery of Quebec Micro-roasters
$ 50

Our Boxes to say Thank You

The Coffee Fan Box

The Coffee Fan
$ 25

La Boîte La Sucrée

The Sugared
$ 25

How did the idea of thematic boxes come about?

The idea was born following the pandemic, when the physical boutique in Boucherville was closed to the public. We wanted to help you discover our Quebec products and give you an experience similar to the one you have when you come to visit us in a store.

The Teleworking box was born in June 2020, and it was an immediate success!

The concept is simple: to collaborate with Quebec companies to make you discover their beautiful local products directly at home! Our thematic boxes contain products to drink, to eat, but also tips and tricks, as well as bonus offers to increase the value of our boxes.

It's also possible to personalize the boxes, to add corporate items or even a personalized word. We also offer mass mailings so that each employee receives his or her box directly at home.

The formula is very popular, especially on the corporate side, and we launch our Christmas boxes to allow employers to thank their employees instead of Christmas parties which are prohibited at the time.

By Christmas 2020, we had sent out 4,000 boxes, and at the time of writing this article, more than 11,000 boxes, all themes combined, had been produced and sent out by the My Caffeine team.

Thank you to all the companies and customers who have trusted us so far! Be the next one! :)

Our collaborators

We have a lot of great companies in Quebec.

The following companies are or have been present in our thematic boxes, in the form of consumable products or discounts.
Long live solidarity buying!


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