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Caffitaly coffee in capsules

Caffitaly is the reference brand for coffee capsules. Founded in 2004 by coffee enthusiasts, the Caffitaly brand aims to be resolutely high-end. It seeks to offer the best quality coffee for a unique and exceptional tasting experience with each cup.

Protected by international patents, the encapsulation process comes straight from Italy, an essential country when it comes to coffee.

Even today, Caffitaly machines and capsules are produced in three of the brand's factories, still located in Italy. The equipment and capsules are then shipped to the 70 countries where the brand is present.

Innovative, Caffitaly capsules are specially designed to preserve the taste and aroma of coffee for as long as possible.

In addition to being practical, Caffitaly capsules are based on the three pillars of all experienced baristas.

- The most suitable grind. From the mildest to the strongest, we grind the coffee with the greatest precision to obtain the desired coffee.

- The right amount. An espresso worthy of the name requires 8g of coffee. Unlike many other brands which only offer 5g per dose, we scrupulously respect the traditional quantity of an authentic espresso.

- The selection of the best coffees. Our twelve blends are created by experienced and passionate Italian roasters. Their long experience and the quality of the coffees chosen allow us to offer you the perfect balance between bitterness, acidity and intensity. Finally, Caffitaly capsule technology allows all the subtlety of the blends to be preserved thanks to vacuum encapsulation.

Result? A unique and captivating tasting experience on every occasion. Don’t wait any longer, enjoy the Caffitaly experience today. Discover the selection of Caffitaly capsules from Ma Caféine now!