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Office coffee subscription

Coffee is often associated with increased alertness and concentration. By providing easy, uninterrupted access to quality coffee in the office, employees can maintain their energy throughout the day!.

A workspace well stocked with quality coffee can greatly enhance employees' well-being in the office. It creates an environment conducive to social interaction and team spirit.

Taking out an office coffee subscription offers thecrucial advantage of guaranteeing a constant supply of coffee, avoiding interruptions and times when the stock might run out.

Cafés Ma Caféine
Image Ma Caféine

"The coffee is very good, everyone loves it in the office!"

Stéphanie T.


How many cups can I get from a 2-pound bag of coffee?

Whether it's a positive way to start the day, or a way to unwind after a few hours of hard work at the office, coffee - whether light or strong - is an integral part of many employees' daily routine. If you want to offer your colleagues delicious hot beverages, choosing coffee beans is an excellent option. However, one question remains for office managers: how many cups of coffee can you make with one pound of coffee beans?

Here's a table to help you work out how much to order, depending on the size of your office team.

Quantity of coffee
Number of coffees per month
Team size
2 44 à 220 1 à 5
4 220 à 440 5 à 10
8 440 à 880 10 à 20
12 880 à 1320 20 à 30

Please note:

To prepare a cup of coffee, the standard quantity is 8 grams. All professional automatic coffee machines are generally set to this dose, enabling them to prepare a perfectly balanced espresso.

A 2-pound bag of coffee (908 grams) makes 113.5 cups.

* On average, an employee enjoys 2 cups of coffee a day and works 22 days a month.

Abonnement de café pour bureau Ma Caféine
Image Ma Caféine

Office tea subscription

Teas and herbal teas are often associated with relaxing properties and health benefits.

By offering these options in the office, you can create an environment conducive to relaxation, contributing to employees' overall well-being.

What's more, teas are healthy alternatives to sugary or caffeinated drinks . Some teas, such as green tea or yerba mateare associated with mild stimulating effects without the energy peaks and dips that can accompany caffeine.

By guaranteeing a regular supply of teas in the office, our subscriptions avoid situations where the office might run out of tea choices. Buttaking out an office tea subscription does more than just supply drinks. It offers a variety of benefits, from employee satisfaction to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, helping to create a positive working environment.

Thé blanc vanille et poire Ariel
Image Ma Caféine

"Much appreciated by my office colleagues, nice variety inside the box"

Pierre T.


Plant-based drinks and milk subscription

Plant-based drinks have grown in popularity in recent years, especially in the office, becoming a popular alternative for those looking to diversify their diet or avoid dairy products.

Perfect for your cappuccino or other latte drinks at the office, these delicious alternatives, often based on almonds, soy, oats, coconut or even peas like Sproud, offer a variety of flavors and textures to satisfy every palate.

They've become an office staple!

Boissons végétale aux pois Sproud
Image Sproud

"Very good taste, it doesn't mask the taste of the coffee."

Audrey L.


Subscription to cleaning products

Maintaining yourcoffee machine is essential to guaranteeing an optimal caffeinated experience and prolonging the appliance's lifespan. Just as a musician regularly tunes his instrument to get the best sound, a coffee lover should pay special attention to his coffee machine.

Good maintenance prevents potential breakdowns. A change of water filter or regular descaling prevents the build-up of limescale which can clog water pipes, reduce pressure and impair the overall operation of your machine. By investing time in maintenance, you'll also save on repair costs and extend the life of your machine.

Ma Caféine has thought of you to make your life easier, and offers you a subscription on maintenance products so you'll never run out of filter, descaler or cleaners for your office coffee equipment!

Machine à café Jura avec système de lait
Image Ma Caféine


Enhancing life at work with a "coffee break" service

Embellishing working life with an office "coffee break" service promotes team spirit, boosts productivity, stimulates creativity and improves employee well-being. This can help create a positive, dynamic working environment, conducive to employee motivation and satisfaction, as well as your company's overall success.

By integrating an office coffee-break service, you create a space where employees feel supported, listened to and valued in the office. This helps cultivate a positive corporate culture focused on employee well-being and collaboration. Employees are more likely to be motivated, engaged and loyal to a company that takes care of them and fosters a pleasant working atmosphere.

Ultimately, an office coffee break service can be seen as an investment in your company's human capital, as it fosters employee productivity, creativity and well-being, while helping to build team spirit and improve job satisfaction.

CafCaf service de café en entrerprise
Image CafCaf Inc.
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Coffee subscription for office

Subscribe and save! Fast, flexible, indispensable! Join our caffeinated community that never runs out of anything! Subscribe today to receive your products directly at the office and enjoy the best...

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