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For professional Jura machines only

The intelligent water filter

98% of coffee is water. This means that it must be of the highest quality to achieve a perfect result. With CLARIS Smart, JURA is revolutionizing water filtration. For the first time, an automatic coffee machine* communicates constantly with the filter using modern RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. It detects the presence of a filter and automatically activates the corresponding mode. It continuously collects information on the use of the filter and indicates when it is exhausted. This makes filter replacement easier than ever before and allows CLARIS Smart to operate at peak efficiency.

Pure water for great tasting coffee

CLARIS Smart works on the professional upflow principle and filters precisely the amount of water needed for the preparation. This ensures that the filter is used efficiently. No stagnant water remains in the water tank after filtration, which could quickly become contaminated with germs. In addition to limescale, heavy metals and substances that affect the taste and smell of water, such as chlorine, are also removed. The healthy minerals are retained. The result: pure water for perfect coffee specialties, with optimum protection of the coffee machine against limescale.

Automatic filter detection

JURA uses modern RFID technology to enable the filter and the coffee machine to communicate. The machine automatically detects the presence of a filter with the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®). It then switches itself to filter mode and starts rinsing. When the filter capacity is reached, the coffee machine indicates that the filter will soon need to be replaced. If this is not done, the machine activates the descaling mode. The machine will then request descaling after the corresponding duration of use. To do this, the filter must be removed. This means that operating errors caused by misunderstandings are a thing of the past.

* CLARIS Smart was developed for the following automatic machines with the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®): WE8

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