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Lelit | Bianca LEPL162TCW White

$4,595.00 CAD

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About Lelit

LELIT espresso machines are manufactured in the Milan region of Italy, using the same technologies and components as professional machines. Each machine has been designed to deliver the optimum temperature and pressure for exceptional espressos.

When you choose a LELIT machine, you're choosing a machine imagined, created and produced for true espresso lovers.


Lelit coffee machines and grinders are guaranteed for 1 year.


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You can only return the machine if it is still in its packaging and has not been used. The return is at your expense.

If the machine is defective upon receipt or breaks down during the warranty period, please contact us at (514) 354-1472.

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- Professional 58mm filter holder with coffee slide and single filter outlets
- Double filter
- Blind filter
- F
ater filter
- 58.55 mm stainless steel cup and aluminium handle
Group brush
- Microfiber cloth
- 2nd steam nozzle
- Water connection and drain kit

    Bianca is an uncompromising espresso machine created for the most demanding baristas!

    Repositionable tank
    Bianca's reservoir is held inside a "backpack" external to the bodywork to prevent the water from heating up.

    It can be repositioned on one of the machine's three side sections to best fit the available space.

    It can also be easily removed for cleaning.

    Measures true extraction pressure
    The pressure gauge mounted directly on the E61 unit measures the actual pressure applied to the coffee pellet, for even more precise and accurate extraction control.

    Wooden handle(paddle)
    By turning the handle, you can vary the flow of water over the coffee pad in real time, until the maximum pressure is reached.
    In this way, you can manually modulate the extraction to obtain the best result in the cup with all types of coffee or blends.

    Stainless steel body and parts (water drawer)
    Bianca's body and water drawer are made from AISI 304 repolished steel, the king of materials, for infinite durability, aesthetic appeal and unrivalled ease of cleaning.

    Steam and hot water nozzles with cool touch technology
    Lelit's new steam and hot water nozzles, with their new ergonomic geometry, are all Cool touch.

    This helps to avoid possible burns, clean the nozzles with ease and prevent scale build-up.

    Adjustable feet
    The feet of the Bianca machine are made of wood, the same material used for the other details of the machine, and are height-adjustable - ensuring optimum stability of the machine on all surfaces and, if connected to the hydraulic system, adjustment of the machine's inclination for easy water emptying.

    Energy saving
    Bianca is manufactured with a sophisticated energy-saving system.

    This enables a stand by time to be programmed, after which the steam boiler is deactivated and the coffee boiler is maintained at a temperature of 70°C, with cup-warmer efficiency at 80%.

    This guarantees a machine restoration time of around 10 minutes and significant savings in energy consumption.

    Technical parameters
    A high-performance machine like Bianca needs to be able to adapt to the various working conditions and extraction requirements of each barista.

    To this end, Bianca is equipped with a technical sub-menu that allows parameters, such as the temperature of the thermal block, to be customized.

    E61 group with manual extraction pressure management
    Anti-burn nozzles: Yes
    - Pump type: Rotary
    - PID: Yes
    - Coffee kettle materials: Stainless steel
    - Filter holder diameter 58 mm with inclined handle in hazelwood
    - Automatic cleaning: No
    - Water level indicator: LCC
    - Energy saving / stand-by mode: Yes

    - Professionaltaps with spring closure
    - Backlit stainless steelswitch
    - Pre-infusionparameters programmable via Lelit Control Center
    - High-resolution LCD graphicdisplay
    - Steam boiler deactivationoption
    Stand-by programmable
    - Partial and total dosecounters
    - Reservoircan be positioned on any of the three sides of the machine
    Height-adjustable for tall cups and support for espresso cups
    - Machinebody : Polished/brushed stainless steel


      - Groupsize : 58 mm
      - Number of kettles: 2
      - Coffee kettle capacity: 800 ml
      - Steam kettle capacity: 1500 ml
      - Water tank capacity: 2.5 liters or direct water connection
      - Voltage: 120V 60Hz
      - Power: 1360 W
      - Weight: 26.5 kg
      - Warranty 1 year

      Width : 29 cm / 11.4 in
      - Height: 40 cm / 15.7 in
      - Depth: 40cm / 15.7 in + 8.5 cm / 3.1 in if used with tank


      Designed for excellence

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      Italian quality

      LELIT espresso machines are manufactured in the Milan region of Italy, using the same technologies and components as professional machines. Each machine has been designed to give the optimum temperature and pressure for exceptional espressi.
      When you choose a LELIT machine, you have in your home a machine imagined, created and produced for true espresso lovers.
      All LELIT machines are the result of Italian creativity and technology. LELIT is committed to producing equipment with great attention to quality and detail. This is the motto of "Made in Italy" and what makes these products world-renowned.


      Espresso culture around the world originated in Italy, where it became an art form.
      With LELIT machines, you can make your own espresso, cappucino or americano like a real barista, whenever you want.
      In 2017, LELIT launched one of its most iconic products: the LELIT Bianca PL162T. The water flow control paddle, the walnut wood accents, the competitive price and last but not least, its impressive performance. It quickly distinguished itself as the most beloved. A machine designed for experts who know how to get good coffee and want to have full control over their extraction.

      Creativity & Technology

      LELIT espresso machines are designed and manufactured in Italy using components and technologies from professional bar machines.
      Materials, finishes and the user interface have been chosen and developed with the utmost care. They offer excellent consistency between the user's actions and the machine's reactions.
      LELIT's R&D department works with designers to create machines that are as beautiful as they are ergonomic, giving an experience that is both satisfying and rewarding.
      LELIT redefines performance through quality, reliability and innovation. All you need is your passion!

      Richard's reaction to the purchase of his Grace

      "This coffee machine is perfection in the Italian tradition. As well as looking great and taking up very little space, it does its job well. The water is at the right temperature and the crema is present every time. The milk is frothy and as hot as you like. I recommend buying it. Do business with Ma Caféine and you won't regret it."

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