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About Jura

The Swiss brand is the only one in the world to focus exclusively on high-end automatic specialty coffee machines. It clearly positions itself as a specialist in this market. Jura coffee machines are associated with excellent cup yield, ease of operation and stunning design.

Since 2006, Roger Federer has been working with Jura as a brand ambassador. Values such as Swiss origin, hard work, precision, elegance and the quest for perfection are the common denominators of this successful partnership.


Stunning design
Swiss design and architecture enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. Jura combines expressive, clean lines with high-quality materials, using only the highest precision manufacturing and uncompromising craftsmanship to create interior design objects whose power, presence and authenticity give their owners a sense of pride for many years to come.

Intuitive operation
Ingenious operating concepts, numerous programming options, RFID and mobile application technologies make operation totally self-explanatory and always satisfy individual desires.

The ultimate espresso
The revolutionary pulse extraction process (P.E.P.®) optimizes the extraction time of ristretto and espresso by pulsing hot water at short intervals through the ground coffee, guaranteeing maximum aroma even for short specialities. Whether consumed on its own or as the starting point for creative coffee drinks, Jura technology offers the ultimate taste experience.

Milk and milk foam for perfect results
Innovative nozzle technology produces a fine, compact and highly appetizing milk foam. Thanks to the world's first adjustable milk and milk foam temperature, sophisticated trendy specialties can be created to the standards of professional baristas - at the touch of a button.


For Jura coffee machines to retain their value for a long time, it is essential that they are easy to repair. New or redesigned components are designed to be backward-compatible. This guarantees the availability of spare parts and enables older models to benefit from improvements. Before going into production, components are subjected to intensive laboratory endurance tests that simulate the most diverse conditions of use.

Sustainability and eco-intelligence
Jura has a long history of strong environmental awareness and responsible use of resources and energy. That's why the Swiss company focuses on automatic coffee machines, which individually prepare specialty coffees, win customers over with their energy efficiency and avoid unnecessary packaging waste.

From the outset of their development, Jura has always attached great importance to the ease of maintenance of their machines, and to the quality of their products and all their components. Their research and development processes include intensive endurance testing. Laboratories simulate long years of use in the toughest conditions. Every year, they consume thirty tonnes of coffee and prepare some four million cups for quality assurance purposes. This figure will triple when the Jura Campus comes on stream in 2022.

And what happens to the coffee grounds? Their concept of sustainability includes recycling. A local farm turns it into nutrient-rich compost, giving back to nature what it has given.


Jura coffee machines come with a two-year or 6,000-coffee manufacturer's warranty.


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For lovers of specialty coffee, even with sweetened milk foam.

  • Sweet Foam function (syrup flavours the foam)
  • Coffee Eye, the intelligent cup sensor
  • 3-step adjustable hot water temperature - perfect for preparing the tea of your choice



    For coffee specialties - even with sweet milk foam!

    The latest generation of the world-renowned J line is packed with technical innovations for even more perfect results.
    The J8 masters all the coffee classics and now offers an even wider range of specialties.

    The new Sweet Foam function flavors the milk foam with the syrup fragrance in the sweetness and intensity of your choice. You can even prepare a Sweet Latte at the touch of a button. The P.A.G.2+grinder with active fineness of grind control and the 8th generation percolation unit with 3D percolation process guarantee optimum results and maximum aroma at all times.

    For even greater convenience, the Coffee Eye detects the position of the cup and automatically adapts the specialties shown on the display. Maintenance is child's play, too, with the One-Touch cleaning of the milk system at the touch of a button. The machine's exterior reflects its inner qualities: the J8's accomplished design gives it a thoroughly distinctive physiognomy.


    Number of specialities : 31
    Espresso, 2 × Espresso, Café, 2 × Café, Americano, Lungo, Espresso doppio, Cortado, Cortado Sweet Foam, Espresso macchiato, Espresso macchiato Sweet Foam, Café au lait, Café au lait Extra Shot, Café au lait Sweet Foam, Cappuccino, Cappuccino Extra Shot, Cappuccino Sweet Foam, Flat white, Flat white Extra Shot, Flat White Sweet Foam, Latte macchiato, Latte macchiato Extra Shot, Latte macchiato Sweet Foam, Sweet Latte, Sweet Latte Extra Shot, Portion de mousse de lait, Portion de mousse de lait Sweet Foam, Portion de lait, Portion de lait Sweet Foam, Hot water, Water for green tea

    Water tank capacity: 1.9 liters - 64.2 oz
    Bean tank capacity: 280 gr
    Coffee grounds capacity: 16
    Variable percolation chamber: 5-16 g - Ideal percolation conditions and perfect pressure, whatever the amount of powder used.
    Grinder type: P.A.G.2+
    High-efficiency pump: 15 bar
    Ground coffee tank
    Cup lighting amber
    Yes - Optimally sets the scene for the final result
    J.O.E. compatible.® Yes
    Visual: 4.3" color touchscreen
    Product registration, duplication and personalization: Yes
    Individually programmable and adjustable water quantity for coffee: Yes
    Individually programmable and adjustable coffee strength: 10 levels
    Programmable milk and milk foam quantity: Yes
    Programmable percolation temperature: 3 levels
    Adjustable hot water temperature: 3 levels - Perfect for preparing the tea of your choiceOne-Touch Lungo function: Yes - For particularly digestible and long-lasting black coffee specialties, full-bodied and light, with no unpleasant bitter or acid aftertaste
    One-Touch function: Yes - Classics and trendy specialties are easily prepared at the touch of a button
    Thermal block heating system: 1
    Liquid circuits: HP3 / CX3
    Ground coffee reservoir: Yes
    Aroma protection cover: Yes
    Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.©): Yes
    Zero-Energy Switch or power switch: Yes - Switches the machine off and avoids energy consumption in stand-by mode
    Programmable switch-off time: YesHeight-adjustable cappuccino spout: 10.7 - 15.3 cm
    Height-adjustable hot water spout: 6.5 - 11.1 cmYes - Automatic filter detection
    Filter cartridge : CLARIS Smart +
    One-Touch milk system cleaning (automatic): Yes
    Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program: Yes
    Drip tray control: Yes
    JURA hygiene: TÜV certified: Yes
    Intelligent preheating: Yes - For hot coffee from the first cup
    3D brewing technology: Yes - Water flows evenly through the coffee powder on several levels, for maximum exploitation of the aroma
    Active bean control: Yes - To ensure that there are always enough coffee beans available (no empty grinders)
    JURA Cockpit with maintenance status display: Yes - Cleaning, descaling or filter status can be called up, number of preparations can be read
    Wi-Fi connection to home network: Yes - Corresponding transmitter must be included in delivery or ordered separately
    Transmitter Supplied: Wifi Connect
    Cable length (approx.): 1.1 m
    Voltage: 120 V
    Current: 10 A
    Standby power: 0 watts
    Power consumption: 59.6 kWh/year / A
    Weight: 10.2 kg / 22.04 lbs
    2-year warranty


    Width : 31.8 cm / 11 in
    Height : 34.8 cm / 13.4 in
    Depth : 44.6 cm / 17.3 in

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    Freshly ground, not in capsule

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    Firmly rooted in Jura's history, sustainability is a core value of the brand. It underpins all their activities and is part of a global approach resolutely focused on the future. Before they go into production, all components undergo intensive endurance testing, enabling us to verify, under realistic conditions, how they will perform throughout the product's lifetime.

    Free choice of coffee

    Their automatic machines give you access to the full richness of coffee. Their machines extract maximum flavor from every coffee, whether it's a third-wave microbrew or a more classic blend. As a result, gourmets can enjoy an infinite variety of coffees with total freedom of choice, without having to depend on any particular brand.

    Energy efficiency

    For several decades now, Jura has been paying close attention to the energy efficiency of its products. As early as 1994, the IMPRESSA 500 was equipped with an automatic start/stop system designed to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption. Optimizing energy efficiency plays a central role in the development of new machines and the upgrading of existing ones.


    Jura has always defended the principle of repairing rather than throwing away. Their products are designed so that they can be dismantled and reconditioned as part of the after-sales service, with the possibility of replacing worn or faulty parts.

    Pierre's reaction to the purchase of his ENA 4

    "Easy to install (almost only plug in play)....And I try the coffee suggest according to my tastes.... INCREDIBLE!!! Result , taste, crema, cleanliness, CONSTANCE 🔥!!!! A purchase worth the cost! Get over the financial uncertainty....you're going to enjoy the best coffee you'll ever drink!!! Plus at home 🏡I'm already looking forward to waking up tomorrow ☕️And I haven't told you about the "design"👌💖Go with confidence!!!"

    ✾ ✾ ✾