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How to store your coffee or tea

How to store your coffee or tea properly

Whether you're a lover of full-bodied coffee or an enthusiast of aromatic teas, the quality of your beverage depends largely on how you store it. The freshness of coffee beans or tea leaves can significantly affect the final taste of your brew.

Coffee and tea are dry products, but they are still fresh and perishable, and need to be stored well.

Freshly ground coffee tastes much better than coffee that has been ground for a long time. When coffee is exposed to air, it begins to lose the volatile compounds responsible for its aroma. Proper storage keeps coffee fresh for longer.

Furthermore, exposure to oxygen can alter the taste of coffee by causing oxidation of the oils contained in the beans. This can give the coffee a rancid or earthy taste. The first rule of thumb for storing coffee and tea is to keep them airtight. A hermetically sealed container helps to minimize oxidation and keep coffee and tea fresh.

Humidity is the enemy of coffee and tea. It can lead to the growth of mould and alter their flavour. So keep your coffee and tea in a dry place.

Light can also alter the flavor of coffee and tea by promoting the degradation of aromatic compounds. Avoid storing your coffee and tea near heat or direct sunlight. Instead, store them in a cool, dark, dry place. Excessive heat can accelerate the aging process, while light can alter the aromatic properties. Cupboards or drawers are excellent places to preserve freshness. Opaque containers are therefore preferable to avoid exposure to light and maintain freshness.

In short, coffee and tea are real sponges, so they need to be stored in airtight containers, away from heat and light.

For this reason, you should ABSOLUTELY forget the fridge and freezer.
Simply because both coffee and tea will absorb odours from the fridge, and their aromas will be altered by freezing and thawing if you use the freezer.

So the ideal place to store them is in a kitchen cupboard or pantry. And when it comes to containers, you've got plenty of options!

By following these simple but crucial tips, you can preserve the freshness, aromas and flavours of your coffee and tea. Proper storage guarantees an optimal taste experience every time, allowing you to fully savour the delights of these intoxicating beverages. Take good care of your precious coffee beans and tea leaves, and they'll reward you with an exquisite cup every time.

Here are some of our containers

Oxo containers

Oxo containers are developed based on the concept of universal design, a philosophy for designing products that can be used by as many people as possible.

A silicone seal prevents air, moisture, odors and other contaminants from seeping in, so your coffee or tea stays fresh.

Capacity: 0.4l to 4.2l

Fellow Atmos containers

Atmos containers banish air, moisture and odors to prevent your beans from aging before you've enjoyed the whole bag.

The integrated vacuum pump draws out air to prevent oxidation and extend coffee's shelf life by up to 50%.
Simply turn the lid back and forth to remove air from inside, and watch the dot on the vacuum lock indicator fall to reveal a green ring. The "vacuum" is now locked to prevent oxidation and extend the shelf life of your coffee or tea.
A silicone seal prevents air, moisture, odors and other contaminants from seeping in.

Capacity: 0.7l and 1.2l

Bona containers

These attractive storage boxes are made from enamelled sheet steel and natural acacia wood, with a silicone rubber seal. Perfect for storing coffee or tea leaves.

Metal jar 900ml

One of the most traditional of all jars, the stainless steel double-lidded jar is the most common way for Asian tea merchants to store their teas. Lightweight, affordable and unbreakable, it will find its place in a variety of interiors. Given its large capacity, it's perfect for tea drinkers who are loyal to their favorite teas! The discreet artistic embossing on the jar depicts a few birds and Chinese characters, whose message poetically reminds us of the radiance of tea: "the fragrance reaches to the four oceans and the charm spreads to the five continents".

Capacity: 900 ml

Height: 20 cm

Opening diameter: 8.5 cm

Washi tea caddies

An attractive Japanese Washi tin for storing and preserving your precious tea leaves.

The name Washi refers to the traditional Japanese paper with which this stainless steel tin is meticulously decorated.

Its watertightness and double plastic lid leave no doubt as to the preservation of your tea's freshness.

Diameter: 6.5 cm
Height : 10 cm.
Capacity: 250ml

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  • karine dulpin
    karine dulpin July 13, 2023

    Bonjour, super article !! Je recommande d’acheter une chauffe tasse usb qui m’a sauvé plusieurs fois quand je laisses refroidir mon thé sans faire exprès ! :)

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