Brita Purity C50 complete water softener filter cartridge (with filter head)

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This filter includes the filter, the filter head and 2 fittings.

PURITY Mavea filter cartridges reduce the carbonate hardness of the drinking water, thus significantly reducing the risk of limescale deposits in the downstream device. They retain metals such as lead or copper and reduce substances that affect the taste and smell of the water (e.g. chlorine residues).

Capacity: 850 liters.

1. Pre-filtration A reliable pre-filter retains large particles.

2. Carbonate hardness reduction The PURITY C Quell ST ion exchange resin reduces the carbonate hardness of the water. This prevents the formation of limescale.

3. Activated Carbon Filtration All water - including bypass water - passes through an activated carbon filter to reduce taste and aroma impairing substances.

4. Fine filtration The filtration process ends with a filter material that retains the remaining fine particles.

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