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Nektar Torréfacteur | Le Draveur - 340gr

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The perfect balance of flavors

Region: Ethiopia and Brazil blend
: Mixed
Tasting notes: Fruity - Sweet - Chocolatey


Get ready to say "wow", because this coffee is Nektar's signature blend that aims to take you off the beaten path. At Nektar, they love naturally dried beans and this blend lets you explore them too.

With its fruity and chocolatey taste, it's the perfect balance between acidity and roundness. Fruit and texture in a cup.


This coffee is a blend of two coffees, the Brazilian Jose Maria (the same as in La Sève) and M. Abuhasen Reba, a natural Ethiopian from the Nektar Harvest series.


The Brazilian coffee is developed enough to give texture to the coffee. It is the one that gives us the nutty and chocolate notes. The roast of Mr. Abuhasen Reba is oriented on the fruit while giving a touch of acidity.


This blend is designed to obtain a fruity espresso with little acidity. A great pleasure in the mouth, easy to extract, accessible to all.

It is best enjoyed as an espresso with a touch of milk (cortado, macchiato, cappuccino), or as a long drink. Can also be drunk as a filter.

Quantity of ground coffee: 18.5 grams
Quantity of coffee in the cup: 33 grams
Extraction time : 32 seconds
Temperature: 200° F (93° C)

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