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The Chemex®

The Chemex

The Chemex®, what is it?

The Chemex® is a manual brewing system, a filter coffee maker and a design object at the same time. It is made from high quality and resistant blown glass. It is shaped like an hourglass. The upper part is flared with a spout and serves as a holder for a filter.

The classic model comes with a heat-resistant wooden handle to which a leather strap is attached.

Other models have appeared, including the Glass Handle series with a handle in place of the handle.

Different sizes of Chemex coffee makers

The different Chemex

Classic 6 cups, $68

Chemex coffee maker with a polished wood collar and leather strap or with glass handle.


Glass only 6 cups, $68

Made of non-porous borosilicate glass that does not absorb odors or chemical residues.


Where does Chemex come from?

The Chemex coffee maker® was invented by Peter Schlumbohm, a German chemist, in 1941.

The patent was filed on April 13, 1939 by Schlumbohm for a "filtering device". The original version included a spout and handle, much more complex than the familiar final version, and was intended for multiple uses, including laboratory filtration processes.

The Chemex®, which has become "iconic" in popular culture, is in the permanent collections of art and design museums, including New York's Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, and New York's Corning Museum of Glass.

Different sizes of Chemex coffee makers

Who is Chemex made for?

The Chemex filter system®, thanks to its thick filters, offers smooth and round coffees, very aromatic and without any bitterness.

You can play around a bit with the size of your grind to get different flavor profiles.

It is recommended that you use Chemex filters®. You can also play with the different filters, disposable or reusable, to get different flavours from the same coffee.

Different sizes of Chemex coffee makers

How to use a Chemex®?

You will need the following accessories:

- a Chemex® in the size of your choice
- filters, white, brown or cloth paper, matching the size of your Chemex®
- freshly ground coffee
- a kettle
- filtered water
- a scale (with built-in timer ideally)
- a pre-warmed cup

You can also read our article on the 5 golden rules to have a good coffee.

Then, the steps to brew coffee with a Chemex® are really simple:

<i class="sse-size-24">Step 01</i>

To start, you need to have a coffee/water ratio of 1/16.

<i class="sse-size-24">Step 02</i>

Weigh 45gr of freshly ground coffee, coarse enough.
(see our grind guide)

<i class="sse-size-24">Step 03</i>

Fold and install the filter corresponding to the size of your Chemex® (3 layers on the side of the spout).

<i class="sse-size-24">Step 04</i>

Rinse your filter with hot water to avoid a paper taste in your coffee and empty the water.

<i style="font-weight: normal;" class="sse-size-24">Step 05</i>

Put the coffee in the filter.

<i class="sse-size-24">Step 06</i>

Level the surface of the coffee by moving your Chemex® slightly.

<i class="sse-size-24">Step 07</i>

Place your Chemex® on your scale, turn it on and start the timer.

<i class="sse-size-24">Step 08</i>

Start pouring hot water (95 degrees) making circles for the pre-brew(bloom) until the scale indicates 90gr.

<i class="sse-size-24">Step 09</i>

Stir lightly with a spoon so that all the coffee is well wetted.

<i class="sse-size-24">Step 10</i>

Wait 45 seconds for the coffee to brew properly.

<i class="sse-size-24">Step 11</i>

Add water slowly without overflowing until you reach 720gr on the scale.

<i class="sse-size-24">Step 12</i>

Now all you have to do is pour the contents into a preheated cup and enjoy!

Infusion Chemex

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