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MaraX is an E-61 group machine with automatic control of the extraction temperature so that everyone can extract a perfect espresso.


Easy to use


Its new Double Probe System, patented by Lelit, keeps the extraction temperature constant to obtain the best result with each extraction. MaraX is designed to allow everyone to extract an espresso as good as in the coffee bar using an E61 group. MaraX is extremely quiet thanks to a patent pending system and allows a water flow designed to obtain the best result with different types of coffee and roast, during each phase of the extraction.

The E61 for everyone

Easy to use for everyone, MaraX is the combination of simplicity and professionalism. Anyone can become a home barista with a perfect espresso every time.

1- Extraction after extraction

MaraX has eliminated the wait between extractions typical of the E61 groups. This machine is always ready for the next extraction.

2- New stainless steel boiler (AISI316L)

The new AISI316L stainless steel boiler is another detail that improves the final result: an espresso that keeps the taste and aroma of each coffee from start to finish.

3- Extractions like you've never seen before

Every element of the machine contributes to creating the perfect espresso. The Lelit58 filter holder with coffee-slide outlets delivers the espresso to the cup while respecting the crema. Nothing is done by chance, the inclination, the length of the coffee outlets and the open areas are carefully calibrated to always give the best extraction.


Each Lelit espresso machine is designed and manufactured in Italy and shares the same technology and parts as professional machines used in coffee bars. When you buy a Lelit machine you get a machine that has been designed, thought out and manufactured for true espresso lovers.
Quality components Functional design
Attention to detail High technology Made in Italy

Customization of the Machine

Using the MaraX you don't have to worry about the extraction temperature: thanks to the configuration switches users can choose the preferred extraction temperature between normal, hot or very hot, to get the perfect drink.

It measures the extraction temperature

The double pressure gauge of the MaraX allows you to control the pressure of the boiler during the extraction of the coffee. You will be able to observe the extraction curve from the pre-infusion to the end of the extraction.

An open tank

The new engraved and fully open tank makes filling and cleaning even easier. It is equipped with sliders to memorize the number of fills and facilitate the replacement of the softening filter.

Satin stainless steel finish

The MaraX's design is coupled with unparalleled build quality thanks to its satin stainless steel finish, drip tray and cup warmer with self-cleaning grid.

Nozzles cool touch (anti-scald)

The new Lelit nozzles are all 'cool touch' to prevent scalding. Their cleaning is also made easier to avoid scaling and make the creation of your coffees even easier.

Energy saving

MaraX is equipped with a sophisticated energy saving system that reduces the pressure in the steam boiler after a 30 minute period of inactivity. The resulting savings are significant, avoiding unnecessary energy waste. The heating time of the machine once turned on is only 24 minutes.

Technical configuration

The MaraX can be adapted to the different needs of the users and to the different extraction requirements.
  • 1,8l boiler
  • AISI316L stainless steel heat exchanger
  • E61 group with mechanical pre-infusion
  • Group heating accelerated by thermo-siphonic circulation managed by a double probe HX system (patent pending)
  • Professional spring taps
  • Coffee dispensing pressure gauge
  • Backlit stainless steel I/O switch
  • LED machine heating and/or ready
  • LED indication of empty tank and/or missing tank

Accessories included:

MaraX is delivered with a LELIT58 filter holder with inclined handle and "coffee-slide" coffee outlets, a LELIT58 filter for 9 to 11g, a LELIT58 filter for 14 to 18g, a LELIT58 filter for 18 to 21g, a LELIT58 blind filter, a booster for espresso cups, a 35L water filter, a recovery tank with self-cleaning grid, a LELIT58 stainless steel tamp with red wooden handle, a small brush for cleaning the group and the kit for the first cleaning of the machine.


Steam nozzle Anti-scald
High efficiency pump 15 bars

Some figures

Water tank capacity 2.5 l - 88 Oz
Voltage 120 V
Power 1300 W
Weight 18 kg - 39,68 lbs
Width 22 cm - 9 inches
Height 35 cm - 13,78 inches
Depth 41 cm - 16.14 inches
Control ULC

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