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One cup = one espresso cup

Authentic espresso and legendary design.

Rediscover the emotion of preparing real Italian coffee with a moka pot, invented in the 1930s.

Easy to use, the moka pot produces a full-bodied coffee rich in aromas.

It has 2 receptacles that are screwed on top of each other.

In the bottom one, we put the cold water and we insert the filter in which we add the coffee.

The principle of operation is simple: place the coffee maker on the stovetop or on a heat source.

The water in the lower tank heats up.

Once pressure is reached, water is pushed through the ground coffee and fills the top receptacle.

For best results, the grind of the mixture should not be too fine and the heat should be low.

To wash, simply rinse with warm water.


One cup = one espresso cup

Body material: aluminum
Handle material: thermoplastic
Button material: thermoplastic
Easy to clean safety valve
Not suitable for use on induction hobs
Not dishwasher safe

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