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Quebec Micro-Roasters

Roasting is the action of exposing coffee to high heat in order to release all its aromas and flavors.

Discovered by the Ethiopians in the 14th century, this technique has been constantly improved over the centuries to bring out the coffee's full flavor.

And while technological advances have made it possible to automate much of the process, only a human, using their senses and experience, can determine the perfect level of roast.

Some roasters use additional ingredients during preparation, such as butter or sugar, to add an extra touch to the coffee.

Also the temperature and duration of roasting will play a major role in the flavors of the coffee.

Obviously the techniques, ingredients and intensity of roasting are specific to each roaster and all this alchemy brings a unique touch to each coffee, like a sort of signature.

Ma Caféine has selected the best micro-roasters in Quebec. We offer you a wide choice among the great names of the province: Structure, Café Saint-Henri, Nektar, Café Pista or even the Brûlerie du Kamouraska.

You don't know which local roaster to choose? We offer discovery boxes containing several products from Quebec micro-roasters. The perfect solution to discover the talents of our province through coffee tasting.

We offer coffee grinds for espresso, filter coffee and many others. From the lightest to the strongest, make your choice of coffee from our selection of coffee made with the greatest care.

Finally, choosing a Quebec micro-roaster means choosing to support the local economy.

To be enjoyed alone or as a gift, be sure to please yourself or others with our micro roaster coffees. Store now!