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Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders, also known as coffee grinders, are tools for grinding coffee to be used for making filter coffee or espresso. The coffee grinder is essential if you have a manual espresso machine or a filter coffee maker.

The main advantage of buying a coffee grinder is that it allows you to have freshly ground coffee at all times, thus guaranteeing you the best possible flavors at each tasting. Indeed, pre-ground coffee tends to lose its flavors over time.

Another advantage is that some ground coffees may not be available in the grind you desire. The grinder makes it possible to remedy this situation, provided, of course, that you choose your grinder according to your needs and desires. When buying a coffee grinder, be sure to choose the grind that suits you.

For example, filter coffee does not necessarily require a fine and homogeneous grind. Entry-level products may therefore be suitable. On the other hand, an espresso coffee will require a very fine and homogeneous grinding of the beans.

Ma Caféine offers a wide range of manual and automatic coffee grinders of great brands such as Baratza, Lelit or Comandante.