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How to store your coffee or tea

Coffee and tea are dry products, but they are still fresh and perishable. Both are real sponges, so they must...

How to store your coffee or tea

Coffee and tea are dry products, but they are still fresh and perishable.

Both are real sponges, so they must be kept in airtight containers, away from heat and light.

You should ABSOLUTELY forget the refrigerator and the freezer.
Simply because coffee and tea will absorb the odors of the refrigerator, and their aromas will be modified by freezing and thawing if you use the freezer.

The ideal place is a kitchen cupboard or a pantry. And for the container, you have many options!

Here are some of our favorites

Atmos coffee containers

from $57

Atmos containers banish air, moisture and odors to keep your beans from aging before you've enjoyed the entire bag. The built-in vacuum pump draws out air to prevent oxidation and extend the shelf life of your coffee by up to 50%. Simply twist the lid back and forth to remove the air from inside, and watch the dot on the vacuum lock indicator fall to reveal a green ring. The "vacuum" is now locked to prevent oxidation and extend the shelf life of the coffee or tea. A silicone seal prevents air, moisture, odors or other infiltration.

Capacity: 0.7l to 1.2l

Bona containers

from $39.50

Storage boxes made of enamelled steel sheet, natural acacia wood, with a silicone rubber seal. Suitable for storing coffee or tea leaves. Hand wash.

Capacity: 400 to 800 ml

Metal jar 900ml


One of the most traditional, the stainless steel double-lidded jar is the one that will be found in quantity in the tea shops of Asia. Lightweight, affordable and unbreakable, it will find its place in various interiors. With its large capacity, it is perfect for tea drinkers who are loyal to their favorite tea! Discreet, the artistic embossing on the jar draws some birds and Chinese characters whose message poetically reminds us of the radiance of tea: "the fragrance reaches the four oceans and the charm spreads to the five continents".

Capacity : 900 ml

Height : 20 cm

Opening diameter : 8,5 cm

Metal cylindrical tea canister 300ml


Nice stainless steel canister with the effigy of the Camellia Sinensis tea house. This medium size is perfect for most consumers. Neither too small nor too generous, it is the model that we like to have at hand on the tea table. The airtight lid is removable and its bright color contrasts nicely with the charcoal gray exterior.
Capacity: 300 ml
Diameter: 6,5 cm Height: 12.5 cm

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  • karine dulpin
    karine dulpin July 13, 2023

    Bonjour, super article !! Je recommande d’acheter une chauffe tasse usb qui m’a sauvé plusieurs fois quand je laisses refroidir mon thé sans faire exprès ! :)

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