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Maison Routin 1883 - Extracts of emotion, a pure product of the Alps

One man's intuition

It all began the day Philibert Routin, a genius herbalist, developed a clever blend of 35 plants and spices from the Alps.
The Vermouth of Chambéry was born.

The intense and astonishing flavor of his hypocratic drink gave the young Vermouthier a fine reputation: visionary, inventive, demanding.

It also illuminates the exceptional quality of the syrups that he delivers to the bars of the city, in bottles carried by horses.

The Routin house is just beginning to shake up the history of flavors.

Philibert Routin

The 50's
A great house in history

At the heart of the 20th century, the construction of the Alpine dams revolutionized the life of the valleys. The towns became richer.

The white gold of winter sports attracted workers and city dwellers to the heights. At the forefront of regional products, the Routin syrups. Orangeade, lemonade,
grenadine, mint, they highlight a subtle and successful art of composing flavors.

Carried by its modernity, Routin became a great name in the legend of taste.

The 90's
The perfume of innovation

Philibert Routin's heirs are driven by the same visionary spirit and their scientific intuition will sublimate a house always in effervescence.

In the heart of the Alps, they invented and set up the Lab 1883, the very first sensory analysis center in Europe. The progress of aromatization was unleashed. The nose, the palate, the eye... the Maison Routin is on intimate terms with the senses.

Constantly listening to the whims of taste, Maison Routin also smells the innovation made in the USA.

Mixology is on the rise, and will soon change the way syrups are used. Coffee and aroma together create a new tasting experience. Americans are looking for other flavors, fruity and spicy notes, vanilla that toasts...

A syrup of excellence responds to their creativity: it is a pure product, inspiring and dedicated to talent.

It will be 1883.

Excellence and passion

In 2013, Maison Routin celebrates 130 years of sensory exploration. In the light of the syrups, the inspiration bubbles up as on the first day. The
bottles adopt a pure design.

The aromatic accuracy is reaffirmed in reinvented codes and image. The brand brings together talents and boldly advances along the path of excellence.

1883 surprises with a new passion: distilling emotion has become an obsession.

A pure product of the Alps

The purity of the water and mountain air, the cultivation of the taste of alpine plants... The French Alps offer an incomparable environment for the exaltation of flavors. They are the cradle, the inevitably unique place of the production of syrups 1883.

Routin has a factory in La Motte Servolex, near Chambéry, in France.


Find all 1883 syrups here

Some recipes


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