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You want to surprise your partner or a couple of your friends with an original gift? You've come to the right place!

The "Duo Leisure" gift box gives access to many gift packages for couples or friends. With this gift, they can enjoy a special moment during a great activity of their choice.

  • Choose from the packages associated with the Leisure Duo package below.
  • All Duo Leisure Packages include an activity/experience.
  • Packages are valid for 2 people.
  • The Leisure Duo Package offers a choice of 35 gift packages.


Because unlike something material, you give two people the opportunity to create a lasting memory!

The advantage of our gift boxes is that they give access to many activity packages of various types. In the case of the Leisure Duo gift set, you can choose from no less than 35 different packages. Hedonists will be able to eat good food, thrill-seekers will be able to go zip-lining, aesthetes will visit a museum, adventurers will go camping in the wilderness, etc.


Zip line activity
-Beer tasting;
-Indoor rock climbing session
-Lunch for two;
-And about 30 other possibilities!

Whether it's a gift for a couple or a gift for friends, they will have the opportunity to choose the activity that best suits their personality type or their current mood.

This time, it's not up to you to make that difficult choice!

Choosing the package that corresponds to the "best activity" is up to them!

Prestige Packages

- What is a Prestige Box?

It's an elegant box containing a catalog of packages highlighting Quebec's tourist attractions. The recipient chooses ONE of the packages presented and lives a memorable experience. THE PERFECT GIFT!

- What types of activities are included in the Prestige Packages?

The Prestige Boxes range includes boxes with different themes, separated into 4 main categories: Wellness, Gastronomy, Activities and Stays. The company offers more than 1000 different packages through its 500 partners. There is something for everyone and everywhere in Quebec!

- How does a Prestige Package work?

On the day of the activity, the person who will be using his or her package gives the gift card corresponding to the package purchased as payment at the chosen location.
Everything listed in the description of the package is included.

- What are the advantages of a Prestige Box?

What distinguishes us is that the person who receives the gift has the freedom to choose his package.
It is an original gift with which your customers are sure to please: it offers an unforgettable experience!

- Do the packages have the same value as if we went directly to the destination?

They have the same value, with a package specially designed for Coffrets Prestige. Basically, they are turnkey packages.

- Customer service ?

All the after-sales service is handled by Coffrets Prestige customer service. The customer simply has to call: 1-800-701-9575

- Do the people who receive the box as a gift have to pay the taxes again once the box is returned to the chosen partner?

No. The taxes are only paid when you buy the box in store.

- Do the boxes have an expiration date?

No. In addition, new experiences are regularly added to our offer. It is strongly recommended to check the latest updates on our website before booking the experience.

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