Café St Henri | Godshot 250g





+ Apricot + Floral + Hazelnut butter

Dominant notes of very juicy citrus fruits, a sweetness reminiscent of honey as well as delicate floral notes.


FARM: Nensebo Refisa / 9 farms from Córdoba & Pijao

COUNTRY: Ethiopia / Colombia

REGION: Kochere / Quindio

ELEVATION: 1600 - 2000 meters

VARIETY: Kurume, Wolisho / Colombia, Castillo


In “coffee geek” language, god shot means a unique espresso “shot”, which borders on perfection, as if it had been blessed by the gods.

Tart, fruity and balanced, this blend makes memorable espressos that proudly do justice to the coffee beans, producers and roasters who put so much effort into ensuring the richness of the product offered to customers, coffee lovers .

A quality espresso that can be savored just as well as in a cappuccino.

GODSHOT® is St Henri Torréfacteur's signature espresso.

To know: if you choose to have your coffee ground, it will be ground to order in a brown recycled bag to guarantee the freshness of your coffee.

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