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Machine à café Philips

Philips automatic coffee machines

Ma Caféine offers a wide selection of Philips coffee machines. Automatic, intelligent and practical, Philips espresso machines can prepare the customized coffee you need. Choice of coffee beans, strength, grind, with or without milk... personalize your hot beverage the way you like it and make every cup a new sensory experience.

Pushing the attention to detail to the max, the most advanced Philips automatic espresso machines feature a new generation milk reservoir for the highest quality froth ever. Enjoyment guaranteed.

The intelligent brewing system ensures that the fresh coffee beans are brewed perfectly, giving you a perfect cup of coffee every time.

With up to 15 bars of pressure, you are guaranteed to enjoy a true espresso thanks to a precise and complete extraction of the coffee beans' flavors.

Finally, the LatteGo, in addition to offering a silky and delicious milk foam, is the fastest milk system to clean.

Equipped with ultra-responsive touch buttons, our Philips automatic espresso machines are a snap to operate.

Check out our selection of Philips 2200 series, 3200 series, 4300 series and 5400 series coffee machines.