Le Yerba Maté, une infusion santé

The Yerba Maté (pronounced yèr-ba ma-té) is a tree native to South America.yerba-mate-arbre

Its infusion, similar to tea, is distinguished by its nutritional profile, its taste and its ceremonial way of drinking it.

It is the first drink consumed in South America, a traditional drink shared for centuries, and steeped in Latin culture.

Here is a small live presentation of yerba mate.

The infusion is consumed by millions of people every day for its powerful ability to naturally increase concentration, mental clarity and physical endurance.

Native to northern Argentina, Paraguay and southern Brazil, mate has its own culture based on the values of friendship and sharing.

One could roughly summarize yerba mate by saying that it has the advantages of tea and coffee without the disadvantagesof the effects of caffeine that these two popular drinks can give (palpitations, stomach aches, problems falling asleep...)

The yerba mate is, as it was said, a drink for sharing, which is traditionally consumed in a gourd with a boceremonie-yerba-matembilla (filtered straw), in a convivial way, around a ceremony:

The Cebador is the "master of ceremony". He prepares the drink, and then shares it with the person on his right.

The Matero is the person who receives the infusion. He or she tastes the brew and enjoys the moment of sharing.

When the Matero no longer wishes to drink the infusion, he must say"Gracias" to the Cebador when the latter hands him the gourd. The Cebador will not offer him the gourd again.

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We also propose you accessories to consume traditionally your yerba mate!

Gaëlle buvant du yerba maté dans une gourde

And as we like to make your life easier, here are some videos made by Matéina to help you brew your yerba mate according to your taste!

Traditional infusion in a gourd:

Infusion in a French press:

Brewing with a filter coffee maker:

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