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Father's day

Father's Day

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A father is to his children as the sky is to created things.

Confucian Proverb

Our Gift Ideas

4 themes to help you find THE perfect gift

  • Hunting & Fishing
  • Barbecue
  • Foodies
  • Coffee fans

The My Caffeine team has put together a list of items that are sure to please the dad(s) in your life!

Food, drinks, equipment, reading material... the choice is yours!

And if you are still hesitating, contact us! It will be our pleasure to guide you :)

Our Gift Boxes

L'accro caféine

The Caffeine Addict,



Le Gourmand

The Gourmand,


The BBQ Fan

Le Fan de BBQ,


Hunting & Fishing

Thread cutter,
$ 14.99

The perfect tool for cutting excess line on leader knots!

Beer holder,
$ 19.99

A great way to keep your beer cold and close to you on all your fishing adventures!

Mini Express,
$ 40.99

Perfect for taking camping! The Bialetti Mini Express 2 cup is one of the best selling coffee brewers in the world.

Aeropress Go®,
$ 58.99

Compact, easy to use and indulgent to brew delicious coffee that you'll want to take anywhere!

Stojo Large Mug,
$ 24.99

Discover the Stojo folding mugs, with silicone straw and 16oz capacity.

A revolutionary design combining flexible silicone with recycled materials, making it an ideal collapsible and reusable cup!

Happy Camper Mug, $15.00

Original camping mug with a carabiner handle to hang on your belt.

Take it everywhere with you, especially when camping!


Smoking chips,



Virgin Mady's smoking chips are created from the Tennessee whiskey barrels they use to age their maple syrups.

Bread mix,



Discover Lulubelle's organic gluten-free artisan bread with its golden crust and light, honeycombed crumb, worthy of a renowned bakery.

Pizza mix,



Improvise yourself as a pizza master with Lulubelle's pizza dough mix.

Thanks to their special recipe, pizza has never tasted so good.

Boucan Hot Sauce,
$ 11.50

100% made at Britannia Mills with their own hot peppers, their own smokehouse, an artisanal method that gives an incomparable taste!

Montreal Style Spices,
$ 9.99

BBQ Quebec's Montreal spice blend is the original with a twist. Montreal spices will enhance your steaks and ribs.

For the Gourmands

Le Chocolat c'est la vie box,



A box specially designed for chocolate lovers!

Maple Cotton Candy,
$ 4.99

Made with local Grade A maple syrup. Its light texture and unique taste make it the perfect festive ingredient.

HP Juniper Alcohol Free Gin,



Discover the unique taste of a blend of aromatics to bring the unique flavors of gin to Quebec connoisseurs.

Discovery Pack 1642,
$ 9.99

4 bottles of 1642 drinks to complement your drinks or to drink alone!

For coffee fans

Blue Mountain Coffee Bag,



Jamaica's Blue Mountain coffee is famous for its balance of aroma, body and acidity. It is also considered one of the best in the world.

Microreactor discovery box,



Discover Quebec micro roasters with this box filled with local coffee beans!

Thermos KeepCup, $48.00

This is the ultimate reusable coffee cup to go! The 16 oz size is perfect for a large latte or one of those days when you need enough coffee to stay fully caffeinated.

Le café c'est pas sorcier
$ 32.95

The perfect book to know all the methods to make coffee, to discover the world of coffee: the places, the words, the practices. And much more!

He who follows in his father's footsteps learns to walk like him.

African proverb


Less celebrated around the world, yet just as important, Father's Day is originally a Christian holiday dating back to the Middle Ages and celebrated on March 19th, St. Joseph's Day.

It is at the beginning of the XXth century that the United States made it a civil holiday. After several attempts, it is the holiday instituted on June 19, 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd that has had some success.

A schoolteacher by trade, she regretted that there was no day dedicated to fathers, and wanted to pay tribute to her father who had raised his six children alone after the death of his wife.

Ideally, she would have liked to celebrate it on June 5, her father's birthday. But her village pastor warned her that he would not have time to prepare his special sermon for the occasion.

So another date was chosen, the third Sunday in June.

Different traditions have existed since then and the date varies from country to country.

Sonora Smart Dodd and her father.

The mother is a deity, the father a treasure.

Indian proverb

In the world

As we have seen before, Father's Day is not celebrated on the same date in all countries of the world. There are even some who do not wish it.

So here is the list of countries that celebrate Father's Day, and the date associated with it.

January 6th Serbia
February 23rd
March 19th
Andorra, Belgium (Antwerp region), Bolivia,
Spain, Honduras, Italy, Liechtenstein,

Portugal, Switzerland - Canton of Ticino.
May 7th
May 8th
South Korea
2nd Sunday of May
3rd Sunday of May
Ascension Thursday
1st Sunday in June
Lithuania, Switzerland
June 5th
2nd Sunday of June
Austria, Belgium, Colombia
June 17th
Guatemala, El Salvador
3rd Sunday of June
South Africa, Argentina, Cameroon,

Canada, Chile, China, Ivory Coast, Cuba,

Ecuador, France, Greece,
Hong Kong, Mauritius, India, Ireland,
Japan, Kenya, Madagascar, Malaysia,
Mali, Malta, Morocco, USA,
Mexico, Paraguay,
Netherlands, Peru,
United Kingdom, Senegal, Singapore, Slovakia, Tunisia, Turkey, Venezuela,
Last Sunday in June
June 21st
Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Uganda,
June 23
Nicaragua, Poland
2nd Sunday of July
Last (usually 4th) Sunday of July
Dominican Republic
August 8th
2nd Sunday of August
August 23rd
1st Sunday of
Australia, Fiji, New Zealand,
Papua New Guinea
3rd Sunday of
1st Sunday of October
2nd Sunday of
Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway,
December 5th
December 26th


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