Jura | White Claris Filter




By filtering the water before each preparation, the Claris filter cartridge guarantees a permanent high quality water for a perfect coffee. The Claris filter cartridge protects your machine against lime deposits and thus extends its life. When using the Claris filter cartridge, it is not necessary to descale your machine.

The CLARIS filter cartridge has been specially developed for JURA automatic specialty coffee machines. It is placed directly in the water tank and is neutral to coffee.

- Eliminates the need for descaling
- Extends the life of the machine
- Provides perfect water for unlimited enjoyment


Check compatibility:

Here's a quick and easy way to find out if your JURA machine requires a JURA CLARIS Blue filter or a JURA CLARIS White filter
Look inside the water tank of your machine:
If you see a blue hexagonal slot at the bottom, your machine is working with a CLARIS Blue filter.
If you see a round white housing, your machine is working with a CLARIS White filter.

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