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Yerba Mate, a healthy infusion

The origins of yerba mate

The Yerba Maté (pronounced yèr-ba ma-té) is a tree native to South America.

Its infusion, similar to tea, is distinguished by its nutritional profile, its taste and the ceremonial way in which it is drunk.

In fact, it's the first drink consumed in South America, a traditional beverage shared for centuries and steeped in Latin culture.

Yerba Maté has its roots in the indigenous cultures of South America. The Guarani tribes, who lived in present-day Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, were among the first to cultivate and drink mate. They used the leaves of the mate tree to prepare an infusion rich in caffeine, antioxidants and essential nutrients.

European settlers arriving in South America in the 16th century quickly adopted the drink, consuming it in special gourds and using a metal straw called a "bombilla" to suck the liquid through. Since then, Yerba Maté has become a deeply rooted tradition in South American culture.

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Health benefits

Yerba mate is consumed by millions of people every day for its powerful ability to naturally increase concentration, mental clarity and physical stamina.

Native to northern Argentina, Paraguay and southern Brazil, yerba mate has its own culture based on the values of friendship and sharing.

In a nutshell, yerba mate has all the benefits of tea and coffee, without the drawbacks of the caffeine-induced effects of these two popular beverages (palpitations, stomach aches, trouble falling asleep...).

Here are some of the most notable benefits:

It's a natural stimulant: Yerba Maté contains caffeine, but its effect is milder than that of coffee. It offers an energy boost without the jolts and dips associated with caffeine.

Rich in antioxidants: Yerba mate is a source of antioxidants, such as polyphenols, which help protect cells from free radical damage.

Improves concentration: Many mate drinkers report that it improves their concentration and mental clarity, making it an excellent choice for study or work.

Aids digestion: Yerba mate has also been associated with improved digestion, which can help relieve certain gastrointestinal problems.

In South American culture

Yerba Maté occupies a special place in South American culture. It is often shared with friends and family, creating a sense of community. Argentines and Uruguayans, in particular, are known to drink mate throughout the day. This tradition strengthens social bonds and promotes relaxation.

As the saying goes, yerba mate is a drink for sharing, traditionally consumed in a gourd with a bombilla (filtered straw), in a convivial setting, around a ceremony:

The Cebador is the "master of ceremonies". He prepares the drink, then shares it with the person to his right.

The Matero is the person who receives the infusion. He or she tastes the yerba mate infusion and enjoys the moment of sharing.

When the Matero no longer wishes to drink the infusion, he must say "Gracias" to the Cebador when the latter hands him the gourd. The Cebador will not offer him the gourd again.

On our online boutique and at our Boucherville store, you'll find 4 types in bulk, as well as ready-to-drink bottles from Mateina and Mate Libre, two Montreal-based companies.

Cérémonie de partage du yerba mate

We also offer accessories for traditional yerba mate consumption !

Gaëlle buvant du yerba maté dans une gourde

And because we like to make your life easier, here are a few videos made by Matéina to help you infuse your yerba mate to your liking!

Traditional infusion in a gourd:

French press infusion:

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