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Made entirely in Japan, Porlex even uses Japanese clay to make its ceramic grinding wheels!

This grinder has ceramic burrs and a stainless steel housing, which not only makes it easy to clean, but also stronger than glass versions and produces less static electricity than plastic versions.
Ceramic cone wheels don't rust, are easy to clean, and stay sharper longer than steel wheels.

The Porlex Tall II has double the capacity of the Porlex Mini, so you can grind enough for you and your friend.
You can get the grind you want with a simple adjustment from Turkish press grind to French press, thanks to an easily accessible lock nut.
But what really sets these hand grinders apart is how fast and easy it is to grind.
This comes down to a few features: a long steel handle that connects securely to the grinder and the ability to hold it firmly in one hand while turning the handle with the other.

Do you have an AeroPress and like to have freshly ground, amazing coffee on the go?
This nice little industrial-looking grinder fits perfectly into the AeroPress tube.

  • New and improved ceramic grinder set.
  • Made of higher quality materials than the Porlex I
  • Manufactured in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Factory, Japan
  • Grinds faster, easier and more evenly than Porlex I
  • Ceramic wheels do not absorb water, odors or rust
  • Each click will make a change of about 37 microns
  • Slim, simple design makes it easily transportable and fits into an AeroPress
  • Approximate capacity of 30 g
  • 47 mm diameter and 178 mm high.

Porlex TAll dans Aeropress

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