Nektar Torréfacteur | La Sève - 340gr




The richness of sweet aromas

Origin: Brazil and Colombia
Cultivar: Varied Blend
Tasting Notes:Nutty - Caramel - Chocolate - Creamy


When Nektar's roasting studio launched in 2018, they wanted to create a flagship blendforthemselves. An espresso blend that would be their best seller. After 10 years of selling other roasters' coffees at their locations, they knew what they wanted. They were looking for notes of caramelized nuts and milk chocolate. An espresso that was easy to like, with nobitterness. Smooth, not too full-bodied, slightly daring. As much mainstream as thirdwave.

We can say mission accomplished, this is their best seller for over two years!

You will have in the cup a nice texture; it is created to give a lot of crema. To the taste: anutty attack, sweetness, and a chocolate finish.


This coffee is a mixture of two origins: Colombia and Brazil. Nektar works closely with two producers to obtain results that meet their expectations.

The coffee from Colombia gives us the typical sweetness. It comes from a Quebec farmer who has a coffee farm in the Huila region.

The natural coffee from Brazil gives us the texture for the crema, the caramelized sugar and the chocolate. Jose Maria, the farmer, provides the naturally dried beans.


This blend is not dark roasted. We want to keep the complexity, to find the sweetness, without the smokiness or bitter cocoa.

It is a little more developed than their Harvest series coffees. Enough to make the coffee porous, for maximum texture gain.


Specially designed for espresso, from the simple short to the large latte. It is the regular coffee of the Nektar Caffeologist. The everyday coffee that allows you to start the day pleasantly energized.

It is also the coffee with which they make their cold brew recipe.

It is an easy to extract blend. You'll get a great result no matter how good your machine is.

Quantity of ground coffee: 18.5 grams
Quantity of coffee in the cup: 32 grams
Extraction time: 30 seconds
Temperature: 200° F (93° C)

Nektar Roaster

At the very beginning of the adventure, in 2009, Nektar's goal was to bring the world of specialty coffee to the general public. They offered more than twenty third-wave roasters in their small space in the St-Roch district of Quebec City, but according to them, something was missing. They wanted to share with you their knowledge and discover what was new in the world of coffee growing, but they had to navigate through the offer of their roasting partners that did not offer the full range of what they aspired to.

That's why in 2018, they chose to take the leap into the roasting world, to offer more exploration, their vision, their DNA.

The world of coffee is evolving at a lightning speed and several drying techniques, several terroirs and coffee growers deserve to be more highlighted, more than they are currently.

They have therefore decided to offer you a discovery experience without prejudice, with a traceability approach from farm to cup. This is what allows them to actively participate in the sustainable development of producing countries. More and more of you are discovering their coffees and this allows them to exchange and build relationships with more than twenty producers per year.

They are still as passionate as in 2009 and their curiosity is no longer in doubt. If there is a new technique being used, a new cultivar being crossed or a farm experimenting with its crop, they have probably reserved a part of this lot. Exploring and showing you the fruits of their research is their greatest pleasure.

This enthusiasm is accompanied by one crucial element: respect for all the humans behind each farm, each bean harvested, roasted and each cup of coffee you hold in your hands.

Let's explore together, with respect.

Karen Ludwig, roaster and Guillaume Michaud, co-owner.

Photo @nektar

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