Le thé dans tous ses états




Emperor Shen Nong would drop his bowl if he knew the fabulous career of the little leaves that accidentally fell into his pot of boiling water over 5000 years ago. They started at the bottom of the ladder as a medicine before diversifying into a spice, then a trendy drink after a few minor improvements along the way. When they went international, they evolved with the market and adapted to different cultures.

Imagine England without its tea! It couldn't be. Neither the Queen nor Mick Jagger hides their addiction to the divine beverage. In Russia, we don't say "tip" but "tea" - na chai. The brilliant career of tea does not end here. Recently, it has made a resounding comeback in the kitchen of starred chefs who offer you small scallops with Darjeeling or foie gras with green tea jelly.

You can even find Earl Grey shortbread in supermarkets! And tea is also entering the world of beauty products, perfumes and even cleaning products! White, green, yellow, Oolong, black, Pu'erh, Maté or Rooïbos teas, we don't let them go either. We do almost everything with them: original cooking recipes, housework, gardening without forgetting our physical and mental well-being.

Language: French
Number of pages: 229 pages
Publisher: Editions du Dauphin
Publication date: 20/09/2012
Weight: 0.225 Kg
Dimensions: 12.5 cm × 18.0 cm × 1.5 cm

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