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Café Pista | Miguel Rodriguez - Guatemala - 300gr

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This classic, round coffee tastes of caramel and nuts, with a dark chocolate finish.

Grown at an altitude of around 1800 meters, this coffee is made with the Catuai variety. It is picked at full maturity and sorted by floatation first, then by hand, to remove overripe or underripe cherries. It is then mechanically pulped, then dry fermented for 24 to 36 hours, before being laid out on a patio for 14 days for slow and even drying.

Very round and sweet, this coffee is perfect for espresso.

Country Guatemala
Quebrada Onda
Caramel, nuts, dark chocolate

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Founded in 1955 by Patrocinio Rodriguez, the Finca Quebrada Onda is now in the hands of his son Miguel. Located in Mataquescuintla in southern Guatemala, the Rodriguez farm has made coffee production a real family tradition. The history of coffee in Guatemala is complex, however, especially for the indigenous populations who have long been forced to work on its harvest under a system called “mandamiento”, established by European landowners. Miguel Rodriguez and his family come from the Xinca minority, an indigenous community whose repression dates back to the arrival of the Spaniards, but whose unity and perseverance have allowed their traditions to survive. Since 2015, it is under the name Cafe Colis Resistencia that the Xinca community has mobilized to fight against a silver mine project led by a Canadian company. The mineral extraction, which is supported by the country's authorities, threatens the natural habitat of these communities, as well as their coffee plantations, despite any democratic process. The determination of the Cafe Colis Resistencia group has enabled them to win important battles in their fight against this devastating project, which has now come to a standstill. By offering you this coffee, the importation of which has once again been made possible thanks to our partner Semilla Coffee, we affirm our desire to support this project and the fight it defends, while offering you the opportunity to taste a wonderful coffee.

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