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Mother's Day

A mother is a lucky charm for life.

The little book the Mom - Jean Gastaldi

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The My Caffeine team has put together a few products that are sure to please the mother(s) in your life!

To eat, to drink, to relax, to read... the choice is yours!

And if you are still hesitating, contact us! It will be our pleasure to guide you :)

Our Gift Boxes

L'Épicurienne boite fête des mères



The benevolent Mother's Day box

La Bienveillante,


The Classic Mother' data-filename=

The Classic,



Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee dark chocolate bar,
$ 9.99

A 57% dark chocolate bar blended with 100% certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, considered the best coffee in the world.

Boite Le Chocolat c'est la Vie

Chocolate is Life Box,

My Caffeine offers you a special box for chocolate addicts!

Maple butter filled chocolates with coffee,

An irresistible chocolate, stuffed with coffee maple butter! It's the ultimate indulgence: 64% dark chocolate filled with our tasty maple butter and coffee fragrance.

Organic maple butter and jelly

Organic maple butter and jelly,

The perfect experience to discover Virgin Mady's unique maple butters and jelly. Created from their organic maple syrup, they have won several awards.


La boite Bien être

The Well-Being Box,



Let yourself be carried away by the cocooning effect of this Well-Being box made of beautiful Quebec products.

Coffret mélange d'huiles essentielles - Soulage

Essential Oil Blend Set - Relief,



Create an inspiring ambiance and relieve your ailments naturally with this unique blend to diffuse and its practical ballpoint applicator.

Fig, honey and ginger - soy candle

Fig honey and ginger - soy candle,



A comforting candle with a trendy blend of honey fig with distinct high notes of ginger. All in an elegant black jar, full of simplicity, to enhance your home. A lovely gift to give.

Bleu Lavande Massage Oil 120 ml

Massage oil,



This gentle massage oil penetrates deep into the skin and leaves you with a feeling of well-being and relaxation. In addition to its moisturizing properties and soothing scent, you will discover that a massage with this delicate product made of sunflower oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E and fine lavender essential oil is a most relaxing experience.

Coffee fan

Blue Mountain Coffee Bag,



Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica is famous for its balance of aroma, body and acidity. It is also considered one of the best in the world.

Surprise Discovery Box Quebec Micro-Factors

Surprise box micro-refractors,



Discover the SURPRISE version of our Quebec micro-refactor discovery box! Discover Quebec's micro-torrefactors with this box filled with local coffee beans!

Mom's Survival Mug

Mom's survival mug,

A beautiful ceramic mug for moms who have a hard life and whose coffee is a matter of survival!

Coffee is not rocket science



The perfect book to know all the methods to make coffee, to discover the world of coffee: the places, the words, the practices. And much more!

In the eyes of every mother beetle, her little one is a gazelle.

African proverb


The first traces of this celebration go back to Ancient Greece. Indeed, the first to have established a day dedicated to mothers are the Greeks and Romans who organized each year in spring a ceremony in honor of Rhea and Cybele, the mother deities of the Gods. Rhea is notably known for being the mother of Zeus and Poseidon, a deity related to motherhood.

Later, in the Middle Ages, it is possible that the first Christians venerated the Virgin Mary by assimilating the cults of these pagan goddesses. In this very Christian era, it was traditional to dedicate spring and especially the month of May to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

In the 15th century, the English celebrated Mothering Sunday, first at the beginning of Lent and then on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

In 1907, the United States developed the modern Mother's Day as it is celebrated today, by introducing Mother's Day, in memory of the mother of schoolteacher Anna Jarvis. On May 12, 1907, two years after her mother's death, she launched a campaign to establish Mother's Day as an official holiday. Her action bore fruit in 1914 when the text was approved by the American government. Every year since then, the second Sunday in May has been a holiday in the United States.

In Europe, the origin of Mother's Day as we know it today can be associated with the Second World War. Indeed, when American troops arrived in France in April 1917, the tradition of Mother's Day was established in the French culture. In addition, a "Mother's Day" was established in some cities following the war to pay tribute to women who had lost children during the fighting. Later, when the time came to repopulate France, a "day for mothers of large families" was established to encourage women to have more children.

Cronus, Rhea and the creation of the world

The mother is a deity, the father a treasure.

Indian proverb

In the world

Mother's Day is not celebrated on the same date in all countries of the world. There are even some who do not wish it.

Here is the list of countries that celebrate Mother's Day, and the date associated with it.

2nd Sunday of February Norway
March 3rd
March 8 (International Women's Day)
Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Serbia
4th Sunday of Lent
3rd Sunday before Easter
Channel Islands, Ireland, Nigeria and United Kingdom
March 21st
Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Yemen
March 25
April 7th
Armenia, Motherhood and Beauty Day
1st Sunday of May
Angola, Cape Verde, Hungary, Lithuania, Mozambique, Portugal, Spain and São Tomé and Príncipe
May 8th
South Korea (Parents' Day: Koreans celebrate both parents on the same day)
May 10th
Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador
2nd Sunday of May
Aruba, Australia, Austria,
Bahamas, Barbados, Bangladesh, Belgium (except Antwerp),
Belize, Bermuda, Burma, Bonaire, Brazil, Brunei,
Burkina Faso, Burundi, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus,
Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Curaçao, Denmark, Dominica,
, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ghana, Greece,
Grenada, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United States, Iceland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Latvia,
Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea (and outlying islands),
, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Singapore, Slovakia, Switzerland, Suriname, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago,
Turkey, Ukraine, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam, Venezuela,
Zambia and Zimbabwe
May 14
May 15
May 19th
May 26th
May 27
May 30th
Last Sunday in May
Tunisia, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Libya, Mauritius, Senegal, Sweden, Chad and Morocco
Last Sunday in May
Togo, Benin, France, Republic of Congo, Gabon, Madagascar, Monaco and Cameroon
(if this day coincides with Pentecost, the feast is postponed to the 1st Sunday of June)
June 1st
2nd Sunday of June
Last Sunday of June Kenya
1st Monday of July
South Sudan
August 12th
Thailand(same day as Queen Sirikit Kitiyakara's birthday since 1950)
August 15, Assumption Day
Belgium (in Antwerp) and Costa Rica
2nd Monday of October
Second Monday of October
October 14th
3rd Sunday of October
November 16th
North Korea since 2012
Last Sunday in November
December 8th
December 22nd


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