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Choosing the right Jura filter

Why choose a Claris water filter for your Jura coffee machine?


Limescale is deposited when water is heated. It shrinks the diameter of the pipes, which lengthens heating times and increases electricity consumption, and can even lead to a complete breakdown of the machine. Your water filter is there to remove all traces of limescale in your machine.


Jura has been certified by the independent international inspection body TÜV Rheinland as being microbiologically impeccable thanks to the filter cartridges in its automatic machines.


The quality of the water is a decisive factor in the taste of coffee, which is 98% water. In addition to calcium, minerals and fluoride, tap water often contains traces of lead, copper, aluminum and chlorine. The Claris water filter is placed directly in the water tank and filters the water just before each preparation.

Filtration capacity of Claris water filter cartridges

You may be wondering when it's time to change your Jura water filter. Some machines, especially the latest generation, show you when it's time to change your filter by means of an indicator light.
The filtration capacity of a Claris Jura water filter cartridge depends mainly on the degree of hardness of your water. Here is a representative according to this criterion.

Please note that you can easily purchase strips to test the hardness of your water.

  • at 1-5° dH: up to 65 liters
  • at 6-10° dH: up to 60 liters
  • at 11-15° dH: up to 55 liters
  • at 16-20° dH: up to 50 liters
  • at 21-25° dH: up to 45 liters
  • at 26-30° dH: up to 40 liters

Guide for Jura water filters

The new Jura automatic coffee machines communicate with the filter using modern RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) technology. These detect the presence of a filter and automatically activate the corresponding mode. It constantly collects information on the use of the filter, and tells you when it is time to change it.

Claris Smart +

Smart + compatible machines

E8 (2018), E8 (NAA)

ENA 4 (NAA), ENA 8



Z6, Z8, Z10 (NAA)

Mini Smart compatible machines

ENA 4 (NAA), ENA 8

Claris Smart filters + set of three Jura

3x Smart +


Filtre Claris Smart + Jura

Smart +


Claris Mini Smart Jura

Mini Smart


Claris Smart PRO +

For professional machines

Filtre Claris Smart Pro + Jura


Claris Blue

Compatible machines:

A1, A9
ENA micro 90
ENA 3, ENA 5, ENA 7, ENA 9
Impressa F5, Impressa F50, Impressa F70, Impressa F9, Impressa F90

C5, C9
J7, J9

Claris Blue filters, set of three Jura

3x Blue


Filtre Claris Blue bleu Jura

Blue +


Claris Blue PRO

For professional machines

Claris Blue Pro + Jura


Claris White

The Claris White cartridge is used for machines with a blackfilter holder in the water tank.

Compatible machines

60209, 60355, 68739

Impressa E5, Impressa E50, Impressa E55, Impressa E60, Impressa E65, Impressa E70, Impressa E74, Impressa E75, Impressa E8

Impressa F5, Impressa F50, Impressa F50 Old Generation, Impressa F707, Impressa F9, Impressa F90, Impressa F70

Impressa J5

Impressa / Nespresso N9, Impressa / Nespresso N90

Impressa S5, Impressa S7, Impressa S9, Impressa S50, Impressa S55, Impressa S7 avantgarde, Impressa S70, Impressa S75, Impressa S85, Impressa S9 avantgarde, Impressa S9 one touch, Impressa S90, Impressa S95

Impressa Scala, Impressa Scala Vario, Impressa Subito

Impressa X7-C, Impressa X7-S, Impressa X9, Impressa XF50, Impressa XF70, Impressa XS90, Impressa XS90 one touch, Impressa XS95, Impressa XS95 one touch

Impressa Z 5, Impressa Z5, Impressa Z5 2 @ 1 Jura Clearyl White

Filtre Claris White blanc Jura


filtre à eau claris blanc

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