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Design, technology and professional components!

Grace is the machine that concentrates the best of technology and design.

Harmonious lines, innate elegance, precise choice of materials and careful finishing make Grace a superb espresso machine.

Our electronic control system that regulates the parameters for the extraction of a coffee is a delight: this line is a must for those who expect an exceptional espresso with a world-class visual effect!

About the new VIP line

The VIP line is Lelit's most recent creation, born to satisfy espresso lovers who expect the best performance from their machine and want to be admired when it is turned off.

The elegant brushed stainless steel surface, the exclusive details and the unique LCC (Lelit Control Center) system make it the perfect choice to get the best without compromise.

The benefits of a good grinder

If the taste of your coffee is your main concern, then your machine should be associated with a quality grinder. Be aware that ground coffee loses its aroma quickly. If your espresso machine does not have a grinder, then you will be forced to use pre-ground coffee, which is inevitably spoiled. That's why you can't make good espresso at home without a quality coffee grinder.


    High efficiency pump 15 bars

    Some figures

    Water tank capacity 2.7 L - 90 oz
    Voltage 120V - 60 Hertz
    Power 1000 W
    Weight 7,4 Kg (16.3 lbs)
    Width 23 cm (9 in)
    Height 38 cm (15 in)
    Depth 27 cm (10.6 in)
    Control ULC

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