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This infusion is first woody, then embellished with a floral hint. In particular, we perceive the aromas of coniferous cedar that bring a forest component by combining with the mint and its peppery side. The hawthorn leaves give off herbal and slightly sweet notes that balance the flavors. Then, the refinement of lavender embraces and unifies its flavors beautifully. In addition to being a digestive boost, it acts as a relaxant and anti-stress, which is very helpful. This is a simply enjoyable, unique, local and refreshing drink!

Ingredients: Wild hawthorn, wild Labrador tea, wild cedar, organic lavender, organic peppermint.

Tip: No caffeine or theine, so you can sip it before bed without fear. Take it around a fireplace to feel like you're at the cottage!

Cane of 20 gr.


PilKi offers herbal teas made from Labrador tea with innovative flavours, using wild ingredients hand-picked in the boreal forest and meadows of Quebec, a real treat for the taste buds!

Their herbal teas proudly showcase our terroir with local ingredients that are often overlooked and misunderstood to rediscover the richness of our region in a comforting cup.

Each infusion is designed to appeal to a variety of tastes: from floral delicacy to sapine, from forest bitterness to sweetness, from tart to spicy, from earthy to fruity, etc. Free of caffeine and theine, Labrador tea is relaxing and contains many health enhancing properties.

Pilki is also an eco-responsible company, created by Roxane Valiquette, which uses no plastic and greatly encourages bulk and local purchases!

Roxane is a young woman with a passion for plants and new challenges. She started a tea infusion company in Labrador, focusing on the unknown ingredients of Quebec. Her goal: to reintegrate old-fashioned products into our lifestyle with a modern, eco-responsible approach that has a social impact.

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