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250gr refill bag

Vigor is as good in espresso as in manual infusion, with fruity aromas. In a cup, we taste the terroir of the grains picked by hand.

MushUp VIGOR blend will get you back on your feet by combating energy loss and giving you the power to physically outdo yourself. VIGOR integrates the invigorating properties of Reishi and Cordyceps, contributing to proper muscle oxygenation and helps accelerate recovery after any physical training. It will become your best partner in the gym or in your physical activities.

MushUp is a specialty coffee that combines the benefits of mushrooms with the energy of coffee, without the drawbacks of caffeine nor the taste of mushrooms!

Roast: brown
: Reishi + Cordyceps
: Guatemala - Honduras - Ethiopia
: Robust - berry aromas - bright

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MushUp produces specialty coffees that combine the goodness of medicinal mushrooms with the energy of coffee, without the downsides of caffeine or the taste of mushrooms!

Born from a love of coffee and a passion for plants with medicinal properties, this Montreal company is guided by the conviction that health begins with food. This unique drink, capable of integrating the benefits of medicinal mushrooms from our forests, into our most precious daily routine, COFFEE! Our founder Maëva and her sidekick Isabelle (see photo) work exclusively with local microroasters and mycologists. They thus ensure that the eco-responsible values ​​and the mission of MushUp are always represented through the taste and design of this first-grade coffee, capable of supporting the daily challenges of its followers.

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