Mateina | Energizing Hibiscus & Berry Infusion




Finally, an energy drink we can call natural!

Mateina took a hibiscus iced tea and took it to the next level.

To prepare this liquid goodness, we keep things simple! Infuse the finest organic yerba mate leaves, add only legitimate ingredients and a pinch of organic cane sugar to balance everything out. Allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of yerba mate in a simple, delicious and effective way.


- Organic Yerba Mate & Hibiscus flowers infused
- Organic cane sugar
- Organic cranberry juice concentrate
- Natural flavor
- Organic Yerba Mate extract (leaves)
- Citric acid

355ml can


The Mateína company was born from Nicolas Beaupré's (see photo) deep desire to learn to speak Spanish. During his first trip to southern Chile, he discovered mate while working as a ski instructor at Volcan Antuco. Once he learned about the rituals surrounding its consumption and the positive effects he felt while drinking it, he quickly adopted the drink which is now part of his daily life in Canada.

Our mate is grown by a family of farmers in the northeast of Argentina, with the greatest respect for nature and the environment. Our mate is grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers. The sustainable farming methods used allow the native forest and yerba mate lands to coexist. Our mission is to share mate, by making available quality yerba mate leaves, mate accessories and ready-to-drink infusions.

Nicolas Beaupré

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