Mareiwa | Colombian Coffee - Full-bodied - 500g




A 100% Colombian coffee of dark roast, with chocolate, malt and nutmeg notes.

Origin: Sierra Nevada

Process: Washed

Roasted in Sainte-Hyacinthe.

Bag of 500gr.

Note: If you choose to have your coffee ground, it will be ground when you order it in a brown recycled bag to guarantee the freshness of your coffee.

- Find here our Grind Guide -

Mareiwa - Combia

Mareiwa coffee is above all a family story

When Lorena Meneses (see photo) wanted to found the coffee, she had in mind to bridge the gap between her two countries.

Coming from a family of farmers we are the third generation in the coffee culture.

With the help of her family in Quebec and her direct contacts in Colombia, Mareiwa assures not only the quality but also the origin of the beans in the respect of the local producers.

Mareiwa now offers now offers a line of cold-brewed coffee, Combia, 100% natural and healthy, marketed for the first time in Quebec, to accompany the roasted coffee line.

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