Les pouvoirs du thé




Through this guide, discover all the health and well-being powers of tea, thanks to the research work of traditional Chinese and Western medicine.
This ancestral plant, in addition to its gustatory qualities with multiple flavors and scents, has medicinal and therapeutic virtues.
Due to its numerous active components, it provides real benefits to prevent and cure certain ailments: cardiovascular diseases, nervous system disorders, digestive, respiratory, urinary ...

180 natural recipes, based on teas, plants and other ingredients, are proposed to remedy all these pathologies, give energy and lengthen life.

Language: French
Number of pages: 180 pages
Publisher: Larousse
Release date: 20/02/2019
Weight: 0.355 Kg
Dimensions: 14.1 cm × 22.0 cm × 1.6 cm

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