Histoire du thé




The history of tea goes back to the most distant past of Asia; legends and stories mingle to tell its origins in China, more than 2,000 years before Christ.
Little by little, the preparation and the ceremony of tea were going to be elaborated in refined rites which found their ideal way in the Chinese Taoism. Japan was then introduced to its delights and made it an essential part of its culture.

It was only in the 17th century that Europe discovered tea when the ships of the East India Company brought the precious commodity from the Far East. The English then made tea their national drink and its trade was one of the bases of their world supremacy during the clipper era. A whole art of hospitality was created through tea while the plantations of Assam, the jewel of the Indian Empire, were developed in blood and tears: tens of thousands of coolies were massacred.

Such was the price of the brutal expansion of a conquering economy that would support the refinement of Victorian salons. A beverage with a fabulous history, both in its origins and in its most recent developments, tea still seduces the imagination with the exoticism attached to its name. It is today a world drink, an important economic agent, an art of living, and one of the symbols of the British world.

Language: French
Number of pages : 256
Publication date: 31/01/1997
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