Thés - Les origines, la préparation, la dégustation, les recettes



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What is the difference between white, green, blue-green and black teas? How is chai served in India, mint tea in Morocco or Billy tea in Australia?

This beautifully illustrated book offers a beautiful journey through time and around the world, meeting tea producers and consumers. Let yourself be transported into this enchanted universe where colors, smells and flavors blend harmoniously.
A book of gourmet recipes completes this journey: beef salad with infused tea, chicken broth with green tea, earl grey macaroons, ice cream, smoothies and even cocktails.
You will know everything about tea and the art of living that goes with it.

Language: French
Number of pages: 208 pages
Publisher: Dunod
Release date: 12/10/2016
Weight: 1,13 Kg
Dimensions: 21.8 cm × 27.8 cm × 2.4 cm

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