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This porcelain Kinto wide mouth mug is perfect for a rainy day. Whether it's a big cup of coffee, tea or a nice cup of chicken noodle soup, you'll stay warm and toasty with this wide mouth cup.

The KINTO CERAMIC LAB collection was born out of the timeless traditions of Japanese craftsmanship. The CERAMIC LAB collection is delicate, with rustic accents. The clay textures in the bases are so comfortable to hold that you won't want to put them down! Developed in close collaboration with artisans from traditional pottery villages in Japan, the collection is a modern interpretation of Japanese tableware.

Knowledge and skills have been inherited to develop each product - from the proportion of clay and glaze, to the sensitive transformations during firing that depend on temperature and humidity.

Material: Porcelain

φ110 x H70 x L140 mm / 400 ml
φ4.4 x H2.8 x W5.6 in / 14 oz

Made in Hasami, Japan
Microwave and dishwasher safe

Care tips and specifications:

Do not overheat in microwave or heat without water.

Wash with care.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or steel wool.

Product size and shape varies in each item due to the manufacturing process. The appearance of unevenness in the color glaze varies in each item.

Some products may take on a scorched texture on the surface. This is a unique glaze effect called "yo-hen", an unintended color transformation on ceramics and porcelain after firing. After using metal utensils, gray marks may appear on the surface of the ware. These marks are called metallic marks and are caused by friction between the porcelain and the metal. To remove them, we recommend using a mild cleaner and gently rubbing them with a damp cloth or sponge.

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