Café Pista | Saison - Espresso Blend - 300gr




This classic coffee tastes like caramel and chocolate, with a syrupy texture particularly suited to espresso and latte.

Inspired by Italian tradition, Saison is our dark roast blend, specially designed for espresso.

The Saison is a blend of two coffees, from Brazil and Colombia. These coffees are grown at an altitude of 1000 meters (Brazil) and 1500 meters (Colombia). They are picked at full maturity and sorted by floatation first, then by hand, to remove overripe or underripe cherries. They are then mechanically pulped, and dry fermented for 24 to 36 hours, before being laid out on a patio for 7 to 10 days for slow and even drying. 

With its classic profile and dark roast, the Saison offers a comforting, year-long cup.

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