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Thés chaï biologiques

Organic chai teas

Chai " is simply the Hindi (Indian) term for tea. The use of the term " chai tea " is therefore a tautology, even though it is widely used.

Chai tea has its origins in India. This drink is usually prepared from black tea and various spices, masala. It is mixed with boiled milk and sometimes water.

However, chai has no official recipe. The variations are therefore infinite. Thus, although the base remains the same, the ingredients used can vary greatly. This specificity allows chai to offer a wide range of flavors and different experiences at each tasting.

Thus, the tea most commonly used for chai is black tea. Indeed, its strong flavor will not be overpowered by spices, milk and sugar. However, there are some recipes that use green tea.

Also, the spices used can vary greatly. Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves are among the most commonly used spices. There are also recipes that include star anise, pepper, fennel, nutmeg or cumin.

Finally, chai tea is known for its health benefits. Depending on the spices, your chai will bring you peace, help you concentrate, aid digestion or help cure benign infections such as colds.

Ma Caféine offers a selection of chai tea preparations to mix directly with milk. Balanced and tasty, these concentrated infusions allow you to make comforting and authentic chai teas.

We also offer a selection of spiced teas in bulk for infusion.

All our products for chai preparations are organic. They are selected with the greatest care for their quality, the depth of their aromas and the delicacy of their scents.

Want to take your senses on a journey? Store your chai tea now!