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Cafetière Jura

Jura coffee machines

Discover our selection of Jura coffee machines.

Founded in 1931, the company has developed innovative and high-end household appliances. The company is now focusing on automatic specialty coffee machines.

Jura machines are developed according to the most advanced techniques, with the sole aim of offering you a generous and authentic taste. From the grinding of the beans to the extraction, everything is designed to sublimate the subtle and deep aromas of coffee.

Recognized worldwide for their reliability, durability and precision, Jura coffee machines carry Swiss values.

Resolutely ecological, they are designed to consume as little energy as possible. Jura guarantees reasonable use of packaging and exemplary energy efficiency to limit its impact on the environment.

In keeping with this eco-responsibility approach, Jura coffee machines are designed to be maintained even after several years of use. The brand favors repair over replacement of the machine when the components are repairable. With a worldwide customer service network, it is very easy to have your Jura espresso machine repaired.

Technology is used to the fullest to make the daily use of Jura coffee machines and their periodic maintenance as simple as possible.

With their exceptional, neat and elegant design, Jura coffee machines fit perfectly into the most stylish of interiors. The noble materials used in the manufacture offer a unique quality of finish.

A true pleasure for the eyes, Jura automatic machines will also delight the taste buds of coffee lovers with a mastery of taste that is no longer to be proven.

What are you waiting for to live the Jura experience?